Recommended Audio Resources

You are invited to enjoy the following Audio Resources in MP3 format:

  1. BulletFoundational Messages - Bezeugen Ministries follows the teachings of Hell’s Best Kept Secret and True and False Conversions.

  2. BulletWhat Hollywood Believes - What a number of Hollywood Celebrities believe about after life and how it differs from Biblical Christianity.

  3. BulletThe Divine Butler - Ray Comfort’s insightful look at what is happening in America?

  4. BulletSpeaking the Truth In Love - Cross Pollination Ministries multi-part training series on witnessing.

As You Go...

Matthew 28:19 serves as the basis for this ministry. We encourage you to share the Gospel As You Go. We have provided a ten step As You Go series and BLOG to equip you. You are encouraged to enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club to get a supply of Gospel tracts to use each day.  The  training seminar will help you get more comfortable to overcome your fears.  For a deeper relationship with Jesus, please inquire about  the discipleship program. Our weekly Bezeugen Blast is meant to encourage, equip and allow you to pray for the ministry. On this site, you can pray for names for salvation, read the Bible, read more about us and what we do. We also provide evangelism resources and memory verses for evangelism.

Ministry Partners

Join the Bezeugen Tract Club

Bezeugen Ministries is proud to be a partner of the Super Bowl Outreach.Join us February 3-6, 2011 in Dallas!