At The Walmart Pharmacy

If you use Walmart for your prescription drugs, most of the time there is a line when picking them up. My wife has several prescriptions due to having rheumatoid arthritis, so I go there on a regular basis. This is a good time to give out tracts and start conversations. I usually leave a tract for someone to pick up. Look for opportunities the next time you go to the Walmart pharmacy. If you don’t need a prescription, just leave a tract or find someone to witness to. This is a great way to witness….as you go!



The Everyday Report For July

Greetings Everyday Club Members,

We pray that July found you busy sharing your faith! There were many opportunities with the 4th of July celebrations and different festivals.

We have been having a great time with daily tract  challenges on the Bezeugen Tract Club Facebook page. Read about it here

What do you do when someone rejects a tract? It used to bother me! Not everyone will take one, though. I know that for every reject, there are about 50 others who will take a tract. Don’t get discouraged when this happens! It’s like fishing: keep on throwing out the line and eventually you will catch a fish! In this case, a soul!

Have a great August! Don’t forget to leave your report for July below this post on the blog!

All For Souls,


Share A Tract With…..

The “Share a Coke” campaign is wanting people to share a coke with someone. As Christians, we share the Gospel everyday. A good way to do this is through Gospel tracts. A tract can be left anywhere for someone to read. A tract can be used to start a conversation with a lost soul. Tracts are ammunition to share the Gospel with anyone…. as you go!



Balloon Evangelism

Did you know that you can make Gospel tracts fly? A tract can be tied to the end of a balloon to possibly land in someone’s hand. I bought this one at Dollar tree when I was getting balloons for my daughter’s birthday. This one is perfect for the Are You A Good American? tract. Who knows where it went. Prayerfully, someone that needed to be saved got it!



At The Auto Center

While waiting for service on my vehicle this morning, I am looking for places to leave tracts. There’s a table full of magazines where I will leave a few before I go. This display invited the Are You Ready? tract to blend right in! There are many tract opportunities everywhere ….. as you go!



The Everyday Club Report For June

Greetings Everyday Club Members,

Summer is here! We pray that you are walking through doors of opportunity in witnessing to the lost. There are a lot of Fourth of July festivities taking place through this weekend. Let’s take advantage of these celebrations to share our faith. The Celebrate Freedom tract, which was in the July Tract Club mailing, is ideal for this holiday.
On the Bezeugen Tract Club Facebook page, there has been daily tract challenges posted. One day, the challenge was to give a tract to someone wearing a blue shirt. Another day, it was a green shirt. If you have a challenge, please feel free send a private message with your idea to the Facebook Page. Don’t forget to leave your report in the comment section below this post on the As You Go blog Have a great July!


Tracts For July

Those in the tract club should have received the tracts for July by now. Included in this months supply are two new tracts: the John 3:16 tract and The End. Celebrate Freedom is great for the 4th of July. Are You Doing Today What You Are Created To Do? is a great conversation starter. If you want to order more when you run out, go to
250 tracts can be purchased for $18.00.



Matthew 28:19