Vanessa @ Kfc

The Thank You tract is a good way to tell someone thanks for something they have done and is good to give cashiers or servers at restuarants. Vanessa took this one at KFC. I saw her read it on her break. She said that she hoped to go to Heaven by the life she was living. Please pray for her.



Tracts For The Holidays

Are you ready for witnessing throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas? These two holidays offer many opportunities to share our faith! The “Give Thanks” tract is an excellent tract to give out for Thanksgiving. Four tracts were sent out in the December Bezeugen Tract Club. The Legend Of The Candy Cane was put into bookmark form, also, to be used for Christmas. Prayerfully, we can show somebody the real Reason for the season! These tracts can be ordered by going to, click on Bezeugen Gospel Tracts, and scroll down till you find the title of the tract that you want to order. Tis’ the season to keep on giving out tracts ……..As You Go!




The Everyday Club Report For October

Greetings Everyday Club Members,

October is over! We pray that you had another great month of sharing your faith. Halloween gave us many opportunities to get the Gospel out in tracts and witnessing. Let us know in your comments what you did with trick or treaters this year.
Here are a few things that are going on with the Bezeugen Tract Club Facebook page: We are posting tract challenges everyday. Check in to see different ones like “Give a tract to someone wearing a red shirt.” Several have commented how the challenges have encouraged them. We are giving away tracts to some who are leaving the most comments.

Help us get to 1000 likes by sharing our page. The 1000th member will split 1000 tracts with the person who referred them! And ask them to join the tract club at the same time at
where you can still get 30 free tracts a month.

The “Give Thanks” tract is a great tract for the Thanksgiving season. It was in the November tract club mailing. It can be ordered through One Million Tracts by going to Bezeugen Tracts.

Please leave your comments below the blog post about how you met your commitment of sharing the Gospel in October. Have a great November!

All For Souls,


A Helping Hand

During the holidays, figures of the season are everywhere in the stores. I call these props or helpers. They are easy to leave tracts on for someone to take. I gave Santa a “It’s The Great Pumkin, Charlie Brown” tract to hand out at Walmart on Wednesday!



The Everyday Club Report For September

Greetings Club Members,

September was another great month to witness about our wonderful Savior! We pray that you met all of your evangelism goals. In many places, fairs and carnivals took place. We had an outreach at our local fair, where he gave out over 600 tracts. We had several good conversations, also. In the October tract club mailing was the new “What happens after #YOLO?” tract. I have been having a great time using this one to start conversations by asking people what happens after they live once. Most respond by saying, “You die.” Then I ask, “What happens after you die?” I’ve had various responses that have led into great witnessing encounters.
We are getting ready for the State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach on the 18th of this month. I was able to go last year the first time. We will be working the booth with students from the School of Discipleship at Gospel For Asia. Read about last years outreach here
Also, one of the most popular days for evangelism is coming up this month – Halloween. The “It’s A Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” tract was in the October mailing, also. This one can be ordered through One Million tracts here:
Please leave your report below this post on the As You Go blog. Have a great October!

All For Souls,


Matthew 28:19