Bezeugen is now on Instagram

We are pleased to announced that Bezeugen Ministries has expanded it’s social media 10407342_969421749739560_6691634520525371550_npresence and is now on Instragram. You can find us on Instagram at

Come and check out the new social media presence where you will find Daily Tract Challenges, tracting ideas, Bible quotes, evangelism tips and other encouragement to share the Gospel “As You Go”.

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Announcing $2,014 Matching Fund

Update: as of November 19th we have received $245 towards our matching goal of $2,014.

It has been an exciting year at Bezeugen Ministries. The tract club has continued to expandmatching fund to encourage and equip people to share the Gospel. We have developed a number of new Gospel tracts. We preached the Gospel at opening day at the Texas Rangers game. The door to door ministry has expanded to more than 50 cities. We held our first ConferReach in June. We took a mission trip and had speaking engagements in Texas, Missouri and Ohio. In October we participated in the State Fair of Texas outreach for the 4th consecutive year.

In 2015 we have some big plans as we seek to do what the Lord is leading. These plans include growing the tract club, expanding the door to do ministry and equipping more churches and believers to fulfill the great commission. One of our donors has offered a $2014 matching fund to help kick off the year with the funds needed to do this work. So, from now until the end of 2014 every dollar you donate to Bezeugen will be doubled … up to $2,014!

You can donate online or mail a check to:

Bezeugen Ministries

P.O. Box 117822, Carrollton

TX 75011-7822

We appreciate your prayerful consideration to including Bezeugen in your year end giving!

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State Fair of Texas Outreach 2014

This was our fourth year to partner with the School of Discipleship at Gospel For Asia and man the booth at the State SFTGO 23 003Fair. I lover working with the students and had the opportunity to help several of them overcome fears and take next steps in their personal evangelism efforts. We rejoiced with one student who lead a woman to the Lord. The woman went off down Nimitz Blvd skipping after giving her life to Christ! I was able to encourage a Catholic man to start reading his Bible and provided him a plan of what to read and a schedule. When he left he said he was excited to go home and get started! I had a great conversation with a Hindu man who was there with his Christian girlfriend. He was very interested in the discussion and said he would do some reading of the Bible with his girlfriend. I noticed this year more than in the past that often people would come up to the booth in groups, but only one person in the group was really engaged in the eye test. So as one of our volunteers talked to that person who was most engaged, I started striking up the conversation with those that were standing back just a little bit. I could ask them if they took the eye test too, how they did and then segway into the Gospel. One young man really stuck out to me. After engaging him in conversation and diagnosing that he was spiritually dead in his sins, I shared the Gospel with him. He was not getting it and eventually rejected what I was saying. As his friends dragged him away he turned and walked off. On the back of his shirt was printed John 3:16 and the entire verse. It broke my heart that a young man has the Gospel on his t-shirt, but has not comprehended it in his heart. We pray for him.
I hope you’ll be encouraged by what some of our other participants had to say about the outreach.
Thank you so much to the State Fair of Texas Gospel Outreach SFTGO 23 008for the tremendous opportunity to share the Gospel with such wonderful soldiers in Christ at your booth.  It was amazing seeing the message of Christ being shared and lives being changed just down from the midway at the State Fair.” Craig (Tioga, TX)
“We had a great time at the fair this year. Many people stopped SFTGO 23 004by the booth and heard the gospel message and several were saved. Looking forward to next year.” Arnold (Dallas, TX)
This was my first year to travel to Texas State Fair for the purpose of spreading to glorious Gospel of Jesus thru tract evangelism and face to face, word of mouth sharing, just as the Great Commission commands all CHRISTians. The opportunities were many and some people were genuinely seeking life change and the great thing was all SFTGO 23 002we had to offer anyone was Jesus as the source of change and hope. My other source of encouragement was the many students from Gospel for Asia that came to assist. I asked many of them to share a brief testimony of their journey with Christ. It was such a blessing to talk to students from all over the world that were seeking to evangelize and tell others about our Lord and Savior. God is truly universal!” Gary Lively (Monroe, LA)
It was such a blessing to be a part of the State Fair of Texas SFTGO 23 001Gospel Outreach again this year. I went last year for the very first time, coming back home very encouraged. This year was even better. I’ve come back with a greater zeal to reach out to the lost. It was wonderful to see several pray to be saved and others challenged to think about the condition of their soul. My friend, Gary Lively,  and my oldest son were with me this year. I’m so thankful to work alongside Carl, Arnold, Craig and the students form the Gospel For Asia School of Discipleship. Thanks to Rex and everyone who makes this time of ministry possible!” Scott Thompson (Sterlington, LA)
“I talked to quite a few people that wanted to take the eye test and seemed interested in it. I talked to one girl (probably about 15 years of age or so and she was so close to praying right then and there for God to be Lord of her life but then she said that she had done that awhile back so she still might do that again. She seemed pretty genuine. I was excited to hear that and thought maybe I’ll be able to lead someone to the Lord but who knows, I planted a seed and maybe someone else will water it.” Daniel  

“Another volunteer that was there named Ivonne started talking to a wife who was really convinced and believed in her heart that she would be in purgatory until she was able to make it to heaven and so the Lord allowed me to be able to explain a few things for her about what Jesus actually said and encouraged her to read her bible to not just take our word for it but to seek the scriptures about the Gospel we had shared with her. I really saw God use my days of being lost in sin to be able to bring some clarity to someone else who was walking the same path I came from before my eyes were finally opened to the truth. Praise God He ALWAYS works ALL things for good.” Melissa         

“Had a blessed time engaging with all the poeple at the fair and it was equally encouraging being alongside fellow believers of different churches that were sharing the Gospel message also.!! :)” Jarius  

“I was really encouraged by my time at the fair. The first year I went I was so terrified that when I got there I just cried and I wasn’t able to talk to a single person. But the Lord totally healed me from that and this year was a different story! I’m so blessed that I was given the opportunity to go to the fair again and see what the Lord can do through our lives. I was able to boldly share with several people the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I can’t even put into words how awesome that felt. I can’t wait to get to Heaven and see what kind of an impact we were able to make simply by our obedience to follow Christ despite our fears. There were so many people that we talked to that it just seemed like they were really gripped with the truth of the Gospel. Thank you all so much for letting us students join with you in obeying Jesus!” Trula   

“It was a type of evangelism that I had never experienced before. It was a little scary, but the Lord gave us all grace during the time we were there. It was a blessing to able to meet and partner with other believers to talk with people about Jesus. Yep, it was a good day :)” Sharlena        

“In the weeks before the fair, I had been reaching out to witness to people but many would respond saying that they were already a Christian. I don’t know if they were all speaking the truth but it made me feel like it was pointless trying to witness to people here in this country when there are millions elsewhere who are still to be reached with the gospel. I was starting to get discouraged at my efforts to witness and the day before my group went I was really praying and seeking the Lord when He put on my heart that it was a privilege to be able to speak for Him whether or not I see results. But, I still desperately wanted the Lord to really show me that our efforts were not in vain and that there were people who had a desire to turn to Him. The next day when we went to the fair, at least 3 people accepted Christ as their Savior! The Lord was faithful to answer my prayer even though He didn’t have to. So, now I’m encouraged to press on in being a faithful witness for Him :)” Damelia 
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Daily tract challenge

We now have a daily tract challenge on the Bezeugen Tract Club Facebook page which alsoSaturday reading goes out via Twitter. You can participate in the tract club daily tract challenge and have a chance to win prizes including more gospel tracts to hand out! Here is how to participate:

  1. Enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club
  2. Follow Bezeugen on Twitter or Like the Bezeugen Tract Club Facebook page
  3. Watch for the daily tract club challenges posts. Some are in picture form.
  4. Comment on the posts on the Facebook page or reply to the Tweet on Twitter when you have completed the challenge.
  5. Each day you complete a challenge you will get your name entered into the drawing. The more times you complete the challenges the better chance you have to win.
  6. At the end of each week we will draw a name to win a prize which will also include tracts.


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Let’s get social #btc

In order to track where and when tracts are distributed, we have started using hashtag btc (#btc) on twitter and facebook when tracts are handed out. This allows searching on the hashtag and seeing tweets and posts about the tract distribution. Please start adding #btc to your tweets when you hand out a tract!


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Im back! Can’t wait to share my adventures soon!

Im back!  It has been a long time since I visited here to write.  God has been really working in my life and after some prodding from some awesome ladies today I feel like I should get back to writing.

Since I last penned a post on here my life has changed drastically. God has moved in so may ways I can’t wait to share them with you.  I need to a couple of days to organize my thoughts and pray about how to get back into this blogging arena.
My intention with this post was to let you know that I would be back to blogging about my adventures as an evangelist wife very soon.
Please pray for me as I start this journey back up!
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1st ConferReach Agenda

The 1st ConferReach will be held June 20-21, 2014 in Carrollton, Texas. This page contains the agenda. Come to one, two or all three sessions. Please RSVP on Meetup or Facebook so that we know you are coming. For more information call 80-BEZEUGEN (802-393-8436) or contact Carl. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Friday June 20th

Session 1: Tract Distribution, Open Air and Mormonism

Session 2: Door to Door Evangelism

The target area for door to door evangelism during session three is the area of North session2Carrollton North of Hebron and bounded by 121 and the City Limits. The image at the right shows this area. Or you can view it in the interactive map.

  • 5:30-6:30: Dinner at CiCi’s Pizza at Old Denton and Hebron in Carrollton. The address is 1025 W Hebron Parkway, Suite 140, Carrollton, TX 75010. Click the link or see the map above to Cary’s Coffee to find the CiCi’s Pizza.
  • 6:30-8:30: Door to door at neighborhoods around Hebron and Old Denton intersection. We will divide into teams and provide maps and logistics.
  • 8:30-9:30PM: Fellowship, Dessert and wrap up at Bahama Buck’s or Baskin Robbins. Both of these restaurants are on the North side of Hebron from where we will be for dinner.

Saturday, June 21st

Session 3: Door to Door Evangelism

  • 6:30-8AM: Prayer and Bible Study at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church located at 4000 Midway Road, Carrollton, TX 75007. For early prince of peacerisers, you are invited to join the weekly church Bible Study and Prayer in the sanctuary.
  • 8-9AM: Organizational meeting in the sanctuary at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 4000 Midway Road, Carrollton, TX 75007. The parking is accessible from the entrance on International Parkway. Breakfast and coffee will be provided. See map at right. Park between the Worship Center and the Conference Center. On the north side of the parking area there is a fence. Stay on the south side of that fence. The door the building is pointed to by the arrow in the diagram. You can click the image to get a larger view.
  • 9-noon: Door to door in Carrollton
  • Noon-2PM: Lunch and Wrap up at Los Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant, 3615 N Josey Lane, Carrollton, TX 75007.

The target area for door to door for this session is highlighted on this map with a red session3boundary and is essentially bounded by Marsh Ln, Kelly Blvd, Hebron, Marsh Ridge and the railroad tracts. The map at the right shows the target areas where we will be working during session three. Please pray over this area.

We are looking forward to a great couple of days of sharing the Gospel. We hope you will come and join us! Please RSVP on Meetup or Facebook so that we know you are coming. For more information call 80-BEZEUGEN (802-393-8436) or contact Carl. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Mission 2014


Bezeugen Ministries has planned a summer of Mission training and outreach. We call it “Mission 2014″. The following events are included:

A number of people have asked about providing financial support for our mission trip. That can be done online with PayPal or by sending a check. Full information on how to donate to Bezeugen Ministries can be found on our website.  Donate-Now-Button-2

As I got to thinking about 2014 I started thinking in terms of chapter 20 and verse 14 as in 20:14. So I’ve been reading the Bible in and around these verses. A couple of things really stood out in terms of some scripture.

You shall not commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14)

This stood out not because it is about adultery per se, but rather it is right in the midst of giving of the Ten Commandments, the Law that Jesus refers to that indicates if a man is good (or not) and shows a man his sin. This is the heart of the “Law to the proud, grace to the humble” that we share every time we share the Gospel. As you read through the bookmark that we use as a study to share the Gospel, the Law is at the heart of the message to show the person their need for the savior, Jesus!

I then focused on two verses from the New Testament. The first from the Gospel of Luke.

But when the tenants saw him, they said to themselves, ‘This is the heir. Let us kill him, so that the inheritance may be ours.’  (Luke 20:14)

Think about what religion teaches people. It is to “kill Jesus”. There is even a book with the title “Killing Jesus”.  It is ironic that man thinks if he kills Jesus then his necessity for him goes away. Men really did kill Jesus, buried him in a tomb and then he rose from the dead defeating sin and death. In essence he had to be killed to fulfill his mission. Nowadays people think they can “kill” him by pretending he does not exist, making up a god to suit themselves, or simply stripping away his Deity to make him more tolerable to them. Any of these gives man the idea that he can remain in his sin by ignoring who Jesus really is.

Which brings us to the Gospel of John:

Having said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing, but she did not know that it was Jesus. (John 20:14)

Isn’t it amazing that Mary was standing in the presence of the risen Christ and she did not even know it. The key to eternal life is knowing Jesus. More specifically it is Him knowing us. Religion teaches that Jesus is not God. When you strip that away, he is like any other Lippenpflege“god” and has absolutely no power at all.

I’ve used the example of “if my lip balm is Jesus, and I follow it my whole life, when I die will I be saved?” Most people will see that this is ridiculous. But now imagine that we dress up a man with long hair in a white robe and put a smile on his face and call him Jesus, but instead of him being the one true God of the Universe we say he is just a good man, a teacher, an example to follow then people find it much more believable.

The FBI learns how to distinguish counter fit by studying the real thing. How much more must we study the Bible to know who Jesus is so that we can discern who Jesus is and even more importantly discern who he is not. On more than one occassion people have said that it is not loving to say that their religion is not true. But I will submit that the most loving thing to do if a man’s house is on fire is to beat the door down and get him out. In the same way, if a man’s spiritual house is on fire the loving thing to do is to show him the truth!

Join us this summer as we reach the lost with the Gospel. Join us for training in Maud, Poplar Bluff and Cincinnati. Join us knocking on doors. Join us at the ballparks across North America. Jesus’ mission was to seek and save the lost. Make it your mission too!


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Evangelism training and outreach in Cincinnati on June 28th

On June 28th Bezeugen Ministries will present the Basic Evangelism Training Seminar and participate in an outreach in Cincinnati, Ohio. The event will be held at Hyde Park Baptist Church. Training is from 2-4PM. The outreach is from 4PM and on until about 8PM. The outreach is being done to crowds that will gather for the Hyde Park Blast which will include bicycle races including professionals. A crowd of several thousand people is anticipated.

Parking and Road Closures

Please be advised that due to the Hyde Park Blast there will be a number of road closures. The church has limited parking. It is advised to arrive early in order to find a place to park. This page on the Hyde Park Blast site lists road closures and parking maps.

Door to door

There is still a possibility that we will do some door to door evangelism on the morning of the 28th. If you are interested in that please contact Carl or call 802-393-8436.

You may RSVP for the event on Facebook or Meetup.

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Evangelism training in Poplar Bluff, MO – June 25th

Two years ago I presented the Basic Evangelism Training Seminar in Poplar Bluff. On this poplarbluffreturn trip, I’ll present additional training to encourage the saints to continue sharing the Gospel daily in their lives “As You Go”.

5:00-6:00PM – Fellowship Supper

6:00-8:00PM – Evangelism Training

Come here an update on Bezeugen Ministries, the 100 challenge and how the tract club has grown to over 1000 members and more than 1.3 millions tracts distributed!

You can RSVP on Facebook or Meetup.

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