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NFL Experience

The NFL Experience is an interactive show for NFL Fans. It is set up at the Dallas Convention Center in preparation for the Super Bowl. As I understand it, there is an estimate that 250,000 people will attend this event … Continue reading

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One Second After Outreach

Mark Cahill recently released a new booklet called “One Second After You…” Of course on the inside it indicates that what follows the ellipses is “die!” The book does a wonderful job of explaining that God exists, that Heaven and Hell exist … Continue reading

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Abortion Clinic Outreach

Saturday, January 22nd marked the 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to decriminalize the sin and crime of abortion which has become our nations holocaust. Since then, the slaughter of the innocent in the womb is estimated at over 48 million unborn babies. … Continue reading

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Back at It

In 2010, I spent many of my Saturday’s training and running a marathon. The main ministry item that took a backseat because of this was the door to door ministry. This week, I’ve started back to the door to door. One … Continue reading

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Mark Cahill Quick Reference

One of my favorite books on Evangelism is Mark Cahill’s One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. Mark offers a number of practical approaches to sharing the Gospel, from his win-win-win attitude, to stuffing tracts in six packs at the … Continue reading

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Cotton Bowl Outreach

On Friday night, Ann, Ellen, Wayne and I went to Arlington to witness at the Cotton Bowl. This was a great opportunity to reach people, many who had come from out of town, with the message of salvation through Christ alone! It … Continue reading

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Dallas Mavericks Outreach

On Thursday, December 30th we went to the Dallas Mavericks game for the purpose of sharing the Gospel. I had over 1,000 New Year Resolution tracts that we wanted to get out. We also brought a long a couple thousand … Continue reading

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