Door to Door in Carrollton

We have resumed our door to door ministry in Carrollton, TX. We had an organizational meeting last month to discuss the options for reaching the city for Christ. This morning we got back together to discuss some ideas and then we spent about an hour and a half going door to door sharing the Gospel.

We knocked on 23 doors. Only 2 people answered. Those that answered the door got to hear the Gospel! All the doors that did not answer got a door hanger, except for one. Why didn’t that one get a door hanger? Well, there was nothing to hang it from. I’ve never seen a front door like this. Two dead bolts and know door knob! So we left a Gospel tract in the door jam for this owner!

We are now praying about having an Evangelistic Weekend to reach the city for Christ. What we are thinking is to have a Basic Evangelism Training Seminar on a Friday night, go door to door on Saturday morning and then have a park outreach on Saturday afternoon. Please pray with us as we consider the next steps in planning this event.

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