Creative Tract Ideas

We ran a contest on our Facebook page recently asking for creative ways that people have handed out Gospel tracts. We had over 32 entries! The entries were presented to the attendees of our monthly prayer meeting and the top three each received a box of tracts as a prize. The top three ideas received were:

  1. Jeffery who stated that he “un-rolled TP in restrooms and rolled tracts in the roll. When someone pulls the TP out comes a tract.”
  2. Joanne said “at clothing stores. I have left them in the pockets of jeans.” I must note, that since the contest has ended, I’ve done this while browsing in a store with my wife!
  3. Kathy said that they “set up a Lemonade stand in town and gave tracts and books away”. What a great idea. And everyone could do this. You could probably even get your kids to give out the tracts and lemonade. Why not set one up in front of your house or at the local park?

Many thanks to all who participated in the contest. Be sure to join our Facebook Group so that you get even more ideas on how to hand out tracts and then you can join in the contest the next time!

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