Hand Delivery Program

The Hand Delivery program allows us to distribute the work load of packaging the Bezeugen Tract Club while also helping you to connect with people locally to encourage them to share the Gospel every day. By having a monthly touch point with them to hand them their 30 day supply of tracts we find that those people remain members longer, stay consistent in their daily witnessing and get engaged in other types of outreaches. The program helps to build a local evangelism team that might like to go out together to share the Gospel at parks, events, door to door, etc.
Each month we will send you the materials to package the envelopes. These materials includes the envelope, letter, tracts and bookmarks. This video explains how to put the envelopes together:

The program works best when you have 10 or more people in your local church, small group, area that you can hand deliver the tracts to. For each of those people we simply ask for their name and email address so we can keep in touch with them through email. To get started we can send you 10 envelopes labeled “new member”. You make up those envelopes and give them out to people as they commit to be members. Then take down their name and email address and provide that back to us so that we can provide an envelope with their name on it for the next month.
If this sounds like something you’d like to do then the next step would be to let me know what names and emails you have now and how many “new member” envelopes to provide for the first mailing. After the first mailing we could then adjust the number of “new member” envelopes to one or two per month so that you can continue finding new members each month.
We would also setup on our website a “hand delivery” registration page for people you refer to simply go online (or you can go online) and register them. They would simply go to that pageĀ and enter their name, email address and select you from the drop down list.
For more information contact Carl or call 802-393-8436.
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