Gospel Conversations

When sharing the Gospel try to make it a conversation. We like to find out what the person believes and then take the conversation in one of two directions based on what they say as they are talking. This video explains more:

You can get read The Truth May Impact Your Opinion booklet online and also view the bookmark with outline as well.

Now you may be wondering, what does it really look like to put this into practice. So, I’ve recorded a separate video that I called “West End Uncut” with 31 minutes of raw footage practicing what I described in the video above. ¬†As you watch at roughly the 5:30 mark I start a long conversation with a man. And at the 26:40 mark I begin a conversation with several youth after handing them our new Million Dollar Bill tract. I apologize for the video quality as I am trying to learn how to position my phone in my pocket to record these. And the recording ends midway through the last conversation.

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