MLB Outreach Update

The Major League Baseball Season is underway. Some teams are performing as expected. Some are surprisingly better (or worse) than expected. At every ballpark across the USA and even in Toronto, fans were greeted by groups of evangelists to share the Gospel. So far, FIFTY FOURoutreaches have taken place at Major League, Minor League and college ballparks. We have reports of over 85,000 tracts being distributed – and I still have not heard from about half of the teams! We have received many pictures, videos, testimonies and reports from the team leaders and posted them on the BLOG under the MLB 2011 category. You can click here to access them! Be sure to check out the pictures of White Sox Man in Chicago, the video from Minneapolis and many other memorable moments. If you participated in the outreach and your report is not yet on the BLOG, please forward me the pictures and report or a link to your BLOG. Please also forward the link to people who participated in the outreaches and ask them to post their testimony online.

One of the most encouraging aspects of the outreach is that it brought together many seasoned street evangelists along with those who had never handed out a tract before. It brought out many kids as well as teens, college students and adults. We had couples come and witness with us as their “date night”! We saw people hand out their first Gospel tract. And we saw others on the box for the first time!


For those that are new to evangelism, please consider joining our Tract Club. We send out 30 tracts per month (for FREE) and simply ask that you hand out one each day. Please let the people that went out to the outreaches with you know that this resource is available. Enroll online!

There are still three more planned outreaches the rest of this week and one that is yet to be rescheduled following bad weather.

Our final two prayer calls for the outreach will be held today at 7AM and 9PM Eastern. Please join us in thanking God for these outreaches. To join the conference call prayer meeting, dial 1-605-715-4920 & enter 204-5935when asked for the access code.

As the Major League Baseball outreach officially draws to a close, we pray that this is really only the beginning. With 81 home games in each city, there are plenty of more opportunities to reach the lost through witnessing at Major League and Minor League parks. One Million Tracts continues to offer the Baseball Trivia tracts at reduced prices of $59 for 2,500 and $89 for 5,000 tracts until the end of April. Why not order a fresh supply for some summer outreaches!

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