Ministry Update

We have a full schedule of witnessing each week. In a typical week we have people witnessing somewhere in the metroplex pretty much every day of the week. On Monday’s we are going to the West End DART station. This has proven to be a good place to share the Gospel. We see some of the same people each week so we are able to establish some relationships there.

On Tuesday’s we have been going to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco. Again, going there week after week allows us to follow-up with people that work there that we see again and again. Having eaten lunch at the same place for the last 4-5 weeks, the cashier remembers our order and which tracts we have already given her. So we will need to remember to bring a new one next week.

When I arrived at the mall last week I was listening to a sermon in my car talking about how Hell must exist to have a place for satan to go. So, I thought I’d use that as an opener. As we talked to people I’d say, “can I ask you a one question survey?” they would agree and I’d ask “Do you think that Hell exists?” We got every answer imaginable: yes, no, I don’t know, I don’t care, etc. Then if they were willing I would follow up with “who should go there?” We got some solid answers like “non-Christians” and then probing a little bit found these people to be genuine believers in Jesus who had been born again! This mutually encouraged them and us!

The most intriguing answers were those that said Hell does not exist. So I’d ask “so where did Hitler go when he died?” This would be followed by a blank stare. When pushed, the answer was “wherever he went” but that makes no sense as an answer to the question. It turned out that this guy was a Jehovah’s Witness, believing in Heaven but not Hell. We talked a bit about following the correct Jesus. I pointed out that his “jesus” is not fully God and that the Muslim Jesus is “just a prophet”, but the Jesus of the Bible if fully man and fully God. I encouraged him to read a non-JW Bible and follow the true Jesus.

I also started inviting people to lunch when we followed up with them. One guy at a cell phone kiosk had been given a copy of my book a few weeks ago. He said he had read parts of it. So I invited him to lunch to discuss it. He has not called yet. But will keep praying that he does.

On Wednesday nights Todd takes a group to Denton to witness to people. They go to different places from parks to the mall and also to the University of North Texas. In the last few months they have seen a number of people come to Christ!

We have decided to devote Thursday’s to witnessing at the local colleges. Around Dallas there are a number of community colleges. Yesterday, being the second Thursday of the month, we went to Brookhaven College in Dallas. We handed out 100 bottles of water, about 100 copies of Mark Cahill’s booklet The Second Greatest Lie and a number of Gospel tracts. We also had a number of one on one conversations with people. I was talking with one guy and he asked some great questions about how he could know that the Bible was true. I pointed out some of the historical, archeological and prophetic evidence of the Bible. Then I pointed to the Second Greatest Lie book he held in his hand and told him that the book goes into details. I told him that once he read it, he could call me and I would take him to lunch to discuss it. I also encouraged him to get One Heartbeat Away and showed him from the booklet how to get a free copy online. He said he would consider these things.

While we were distributing materials, a young lady who attends college there stopped and was listening. She asked if she could help hand out the water and tracts. We agreed and she handed them out for awhile. She gave the tract she had been given to one guy who intently read over it. I spoke with him. He had been raised Catholic and was really open to the things of God. He said he had not been born again, but that he needed to. He said he would get right with God. I invited him to church and he said he would meet me there on Sunday morning!

The next two Thurday’s we will be at two different campuses of Collin College in Plano and McKinney respectively. On the First Thursday of each month we devote the lunch hour to prayer.

On Friday’s there are some people that go to a local abortion mill.

On Saturday’s we have been going out to different outreaches. This Saturday we will be going to evangelize at the Rangers game in Arlington. The past three Saturday’s we were in the Dallas West End by DART and at Dealey Plaza. Wally and I have been providing some open air preaching training to a young man who has come through our evangelism training. Two Saturday’s ago, I got to speak with a man from India. At first he was not receptive to anything about the Bible. But as we talked, his heart softened. He listened to the entire Law and Gospel presentation. He asked how I knew these things were true. I pulled out a Bible and turned to John 20 and had him read verses 30-31:

And truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book;  but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name.

He was amazed. I gave him the Bible and he said he would read the Gospel of John. May his life (here on earth and eternally) be forever changed by God’s Word!

The Lord is at work on the streets. Come and join us!

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