Quick Factsmission statement

  • Founded in 2007
  • Bezeugen is German for “testify”

Mission Statement

Equip and encourage believers in Jesus to share the Gospel.

What We Believe

  • The Bible is the inerrant inspired Word of God
  • All men are sinners, separated from God by violating His law (the Ten Commandments), are deserving of eternal punishment in Hell and cannot save themselves.
  • Jesus Christ, God’s son and true God, having become true man, lived, suffered and died for the sins of all people, that we need not remain separated from God.
  • Whoever repents of his sin and accepts by faith, Jesus Christ as savior has forgiveness of sin and life eternal.
  • Therefore each person is saved from eternal separation from God only by the grace of God himself, through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • In response to this loving gift of God, Christians will strive to live Holy lives as the fruit of their faith and together with their fellow Christians in the church will serve God and do his work – including telling others the Good News!