Door to Door

Witnessing door to door is a wonderful way to reach the community. No matter where we witness in the community, there is always a chance that people don’t go there. So, if we take the Gospel to them, we can be sure to get the Gospel to every household. We are using a three pronged approach to witnessing door to door:

BulletConducting a food drive

BulletGathering prayer requests for our prayer meetings

BulletDoing a spiritual inventory to lead to sharing the Gospel

When we knock on the door we tell them that there are three reasons we are there. This lets them know up front to expect three separate discussion points. We then explain that we are conducting a food drive and ask for a donation. Secondly, we ask for “a specific prayer request” explaining that we are having a prayer meeting and we’d like to know how we can pray for them. Finally, we tell them we are conducting a spiritual inventory. For instance, “do you believe in God?” “Do you believe in heaven and hell?” Then we move the conversations to the good test and use the Way of the Master method to share the Gospel. At each house we also leave them with a good newsbad news Gospel tract (or leave it on the door if there is no answer).

God has called me to go door to door to every house in the City of Carrollton, TX. To track the progress, request prayer support and also to share ideas for witnessing door to door, I post frequent updates on the Carrollton for Christ BLOG. Some posts that may be particularly helpful are:

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BulletOverview of Approach

If you would like to discuss door to door witnessing, join me on the streets, get training and start a door to door program in your neighborhood, then please contact me.

Please look at the other pages under the door to door menu above for more information. In addition, the BLOG posts in the door to door category provide more information about door to door evangelism.