Baseball Outreach

Bezeugen Ministries and One Million Tracts are proud to announce the 7th annual Major League Baseball Outreach to be conducted nationwide at all of the Major League stadiums as well as minor league and college stadiums during 2017 season! Check out this video introduction.

In 2015 more nearly 74 million fans attended Major League Baseball games. If you were to factor in Minor League games as well as College games there are probably over 100 million people passing through the gates to see baseball games each season. That is over 30,000 average per game played. This creates an awesome opportunity to share the Gospel with these people that are going to these games.

Our goal is that during the 2017 season to have someone share the Gospel at every Major League Baseball stadium. Pick a weeknight? A weekend?  One or more games. Go out to the stadium and hand out tracts, read the Bible in the open air, open air preach, prayer walk, go to the game and hold up a John 3:16 sign. Do any or all of these things or other things to get the Word out!

Link to map.

Is God calling you to participate?

To participate please fill out the form below to register a location. Once a location is registered, others will be able to find your events via the meetup group.  We will be in touch to coordinate logistics. When you participate in the Baseball Outreach you will receive:

  • Event listings on our Meetup Group and Facebook on the Pray Learn Go page
  • Prayer support from Bezeugen Ministries for your outreach
  • Location on our outreach map
  • Discounted Baseball tracts from One Million Tracts. $109 per 5,000 for existing designs. $30 additional charge for custom orders. Lead time for tracts is about 1 week (so plan in advance). Click here to order.

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