The Everyday Report – April, 2015

      Greetings Club Members,

      It’s time to leave your report on how you did for the month of March. We pray that you met your goals and had many opportunities to share your faith. Some of you gave out tracts at St. Patrick Day parades. Let us know how it went. I had a great time using the Are You Lucky? tract.
      Don’t forget about the daily tract challenges that are being posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Invite friends to follow along so that they can be encouraged to witness everyday. 
      If you haven’t joined the tract club, you’re missing out on new tracts. We have several new ones coming out in the next few months. All you have to do is enroll here.
       Bezeugen Ministries and One Million Tracts is pleased to announce the 2015 Major League Baseball outreach. Order discounted, customized tracts for your favorite team and head to the major league, minor league, or college ballpark near you. It’s a great opportunity to share the Gospel. Register on the blog blogand we will add your event to our meetup group so people can find you and we can all pray for your outreach.
      Please leave your comment on how you did in March below the blog post. Have a great April! 
      All For Souls,

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    1. Steve L.

      The month started out well but then I came down with pneumonia and ended up in the ICU. When I was discharged, I needed an IV drip for the next six days to complete medication cycle.
      Anyway, I’m back on the collage campus tomorrow and we have our weekend evangelism outings as well. Preaching “open air” at the DMV every Tuesday morning at 6:30!

    2. Rudy Gonzales

      I did good consistant with 1 to 5 tracts a day street preaching last month not this one yet.
      A drug addict gave his heart to the Lord i gave him tracks and a bible
      I took him through the law he understood it because being in and out of prison he broke all of them. God is good

    3. Scott (Post author)

      Awesome, Rudy! This is so encouraging!

    4. Scott (Post author)

      Great, Steve! God is blessing your faithfulness!

    5. Scott

      I had a great March! I gave out many of the Are You Lucky? tract for St. Patrick’s Day. I had several one on ones. Last Saturday, my youngest son and I gave out over 40 Hoppy Easter tracts outside of Target. April is going to be a good month, too!

    6. Ryan Muniak

      The month of March was great! I gave away all of my Bezeugen tracts for the month (and then some), had some great episodes of Witness Radio (, and taught about different false religions and cults at the University of Cincinnati! I’m sure I missed a few days, thanks to illnesses running rampant, but looking forward to April for His glory!

    7. Scott (Post author)

      Thanks for the encouraging report, Ryan!

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