2nd Annual MLB Outreach

This outreach is over. However, to be notified of future MLB Outreach events please use the following form to join our mailing list. Once you enter your email address, then you will be prompted for additional contact information. Be sure to select the MLB Outreach mailing list and specify which Major League or Minor League team you are able to do outreaches with.

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Bezeugen MinistriesOne Million Tracts and Sports Fan Outreach International are sponsoring the 2nd Annual Major League Baseball outreach to coincide with the opening of the 2012 Major League Baseball Season.

When: April 4-14, 2012
(Corresponds to opening home stand for each MLB team)
Evangelism teams around the country will pick the exact date of their outreach with the goal to have an outreach in every Major League Baseball city during the first two weekends of the season. There may be events that occur after April 15th at Minor League and College ballparks. RSVP to the general Facebook event to keep up with information.

Where: MLB Ballparks across the United States as well as Toronto, Canada. If you don’t live near a MLB city, but you live near a minor league affiliate, then you can do the outreach at the minor league affiliate stadium.

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Key: Confirmed Major League City (Green), Confirmed Minor League City (Yellow), MLB where access to ballpark may be difficult (Red), Leadership needed (Purple)

How can you help? If you live near a Major League or Minor League Baseball stadium then please consider participating and even leading the team in your area. Please also help us identify leaders by forwarding links to this announcement through Facebook, twitter, email distributions and other social networking media.

Potential Impact: 1.6 Million Baseball Fans!

Primary impact: In 2010, MLB games average attendance per team was from 17,000 to 49,000 per game. Opening weekend ought to draw larger crowds. Even with a conservative estimate of 33,000 fans per game, then if the outreach were to hit only 1 game in each city it would have the potential to reach 1 Million Baseball Fans. Impact could be higher if teams went out to multiple games!

Expanded Impact – There are roughly 4 A, AA, and AAA minor league teams per major league team. Expanding to these cities provides another 120 venues. Assuming only 5,000 attend each of these games, then another 600,000 Baseball Fans could potentially be reached with the Gospel.

Registration: Team Leaders and members will register for the event using the form below. Team leaders who register acknowledge that they have listened to and agree with the teaching of Hell’s Best Kept Secret and True and False Conversions.

The Bezeugen Tract Club pricing can be used to order 1,000 tracts for $30 from One Million Tracts. Click the One Million Tracts link, select the quantity of tracts and then select the tract from the drop down list. Large quantities will be available for under $100 for 5,000 tracts. Additional information will be posted to the BLOG soon. We suggest that team leaders collect money from each team member in order to pay for the tracts. If this is a financial burden, please contact us to see if we can scholarship some tracts to your team.


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