True or False

As you go to the mailbox


When you go to the mailbox you can mail tracts to people. You can stuff them into postage paid return envelopes and mail them back to the business that sent the envelope to you. Or you can send them to political candidates to share the Gospel with them!

Leaving tracts on the table


When you finish eating at a restaurant, leaving tracts on the table for the next customer is a great way to share the Gospel!

Hey! I found a Bible tract!


I got back to my computer after lunch yesterday and saw this picture posted on Facebook.

I assumed that it was one of the Bezeugen Tract Club members posting about where they left a tract.


When I looked at who had posted it, I realized that they are NOT in the tract club. It was actually a Facebook friend who found the tract at an ATM machine! So someone in the tract club left a tract someplace and one of my Facebook friends found it and posted it on Facebook! That is really encouraging to know that our Bezeugen Tract Club members are out there faithfully sharing the Gospel and distributing the Gospel tracts that we send out each month.

Normally I post about where I leave tracts. This post has a unique twist. That the picture if from the person who found one of our tracts!