Created to Do

Day 150731: Created to do


The last day of the month gets the last tract of the tract club mailing. I had a contractor coming to the house to look at some warranty work. After we were done talking about the business he asked if I had any more questions. I said, “yes, are you doing today what you were created to do?” He said Yes and then gave me a great testimony of how the Lord is using him in his work to serve people and serve the Lord. It was truly awesome. I was able to tell him about the tract club and how Bezeugen is able to supply his business with tracts. He said he would discuss the tract club with his business partners.

Day 150727: In the stairwell


Jesus said “as you go” make disciples. I take that literally. Our seminar teaches people how to share the Gospel “as you go” to work, “as you go” to school, “as you go” to the store, etc. You get the idea.

At work I takes the stairs to the fifth floor. At least once a day. Depends if I have a chance to go for a walk during the day, or out to lunch. Sometimes during the day I’ll pass someone on the stairs going the other direction. And there are some others who will generally take the stairs. But, let’s say at 7AM when I typically arrive at the office, it is generally not crowded at all. As I approached the top flights of the stairs I could hear some voices.

When I reached the fifth floor, two workmen were there about to go up onto the roof and then onto the platform used – as they are painting the building. I said a quick hello to them and then said, “Are you doing today what you were created to do?” and I handed one of them the tract with that question on it. Since I only had brought one of those tracts, I handed the other a Get Out of Hell Free card. We had a brief conversation and I explained to them that no matter what job we have we can do it to the glory of God – once we know Jesus!

I had several other opportunities to share the Gospel. Craig and I met for lunch and witnessing at one of our local favorite fishing holes – Grapevine Mills Mall. When ordering lunch, I gave a tract to the cashier. I could not recall which tract I had given him last week. So I asked. He remembered it was the 2+2=, and then I let him pick from the supply I had in my hand.

The gentleman that I had given the Truth May Impact Your Opinion book, the week before had read part of the book. We had a very brief follow-up conversation with him before a customer came. So I’ll check back with him next week.

We had several other good one on one conversations.

Update: July 31
Going into the office this morning I found the two tracts shoved into the faucet handle of the fire system. I guess they must not have liked them.

Day 150724: VW


Any time mail goes out from my house it includes a Gospel tract. It’s a great way to share the Gospel with whomever receives the mail. Whether its a bill, shipment for something sold, a letter, etc. It’s a simple way to share the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Today I made my first payment to Volkswagen. Sent a “Created to Do” tract with it which features a repurposed old VW Bug!2015-07-24 06.04.38

Day 150722: At the Mall


I met a friend for lunch at the mall. Several workers were handing out samples. I exchanged them for tracts. I ordered lunch and then gave the cashier a Create to Do tract.

After lunch we walked around the mall a little bit and struck up some conversations with people.

The first conversation was the worker at a booth selling popcorn. As I walked up, I asked, “Do you think they will have popcorn in Heaven?” She said she had no idea. So I followed with who goes to Heaven and then do you think there is a Heaven? In both cases I got a simple answer “don’t know don’t care.” She said she was not interested because it didn’t matter till she died. I asked, “what if it’s too late then.” Again “don’t care.” So we thanked her for her time and walked off.

Second conversation was with a guy demoing a “selfie stick”. So I asked “do you think people will take selfies in Heaven?” He said, “no.” I asked why not. He said, “because when you die you can’t take anything with you.” We had a great conversation and he shared his testimony of how he got saved and participated in a local church with his wife and son.

Third conversation was a man selling watches. Walked up and asked him, “do you think people 2015-07-22 20.12.33will wear watches in Heaven?” He was not sure. So I asked how people get to Heaven. This lead to a long conversation which basically centered on him explaining how good people go to Heaven. I listened for a while and then asked, “if good people go to Heaven, wouldn’t it make sense that God would tell us how good we need to be to get there?” He agreed. But held to his belief. We talked about who determines truth? Could it be determined by popular opinion? Like what if the Supreme Court ruled? Would that make it true? Or is truth true regardless of popular opinion. he agreed that truth is truth regardless. He started talking about how rude some customers of the mall are. Demanding to see certain items. And even damaging his kiosk. Then he said that the mall would fine him if he did not fix the customers damage. I asked how he would feel if I offered to pay the repair. He said it would not be right for me to pay and he would not ask me. I reminded him that he did not ask, but what if I offered. He told us that he is a Muslim. And we built a lot of common ground with these things and even things from the Bible like belief in Moses, the Ten Commandments and that there is a God.

So eventually, I looked him in the eye and said, “here is the difference between Christianity and all other religions.” While religion teaches man to be good to earn favor with God, Christianity is about Christ paying the price for our sin. He went back to his idea of being good. I reiterated our common ground about truth and the payment of our sin.  I told him who Jesus is. Then I pointed ot the red calculator on his counter and said, “you know I realize that what I’m telling you is like if you thought this calculator was yellow and suddenly I am telling you it is red.” I realize this may take some time to sink in.

I gave him a copy of our book The Truth May Impact Your Opinion and he said he would read it. And I told him that I’d stop back next week to see what he thinks of it. So please pray for him!

We had day two of VBS on the road and got to have several conversations with people about the Gospel. On the way home we stopped at WalMart to put some tracts around the store and give to some people. Oh, and my wife picked up a couple things while we were there!

Day 150720: At the office


I park on the edge of the parking lot at work. Walking to the building gives me a little bit of daily exercise. There are a number of construction workers painting the building. I was able to give one of them a Created to Do tract from the tract club mailing.

Day 150717: At the gas pump


Stopped for gas. Put a “Created to Do” tract in the gas pump!

Day 150712 – Created to Do


I had the opportunity to hand out a number of tracts today. I gave a Thank You tract to the cashier when I refilled my 2015-07-12 19.56.54Sodapalooza cup. I gave a Create to Do tract to the cashier at the movie theater. I gave a Thank You tract to the person who got my popcorn. And a YOLO tract to the cashier at the snack bar when paying for the popcorn and drinks.

Later we went to dinner and gave a Thank You tract to the cashier. Also left a few tracts at the restaurant. I was recently informed about putting tracts in the napkins dispenser so that the next person can get a tract when they get a napkin.

Left a bookmark tract at the Redbox!

Farmers Market


Many Saturday’s I accompany my wife to the Farmer’s Market. We like to get fresh produce, organic meat, etc. And we really enjoy spending the time together. It also gives me the opportunity to share some tracts and witness to people. Yesterday I was paying for a purchase and asked the person “Are you doing today what you were created to do?” She said that it was a good question and that she thought she was. I said, “you know it has nothing to do with your job, it is all about being in a right relationship with God.” I handed her the tract and she said she would read it!