Who is described by

Day 150923: Date Night


My wife and I got to have an impromtu date night! Went to a nice restaurant for dinner. I left a tract at the check in and gave an “Who is described by” to the hostess. After dinner I left a John 3:16 tract with a generous tip.

I stopped for gas on the way home and put two football trivia tracts in the gas pump credit card slots of the pump I was at and the one on the other side of the island. As I was walking around to get back in my car, I noticed a guy standing there pumping gas. I walked over, said hello and handed him a football trivia tract. I said, “Here is some football trivia for you. It has the Gospel on the back.” He said thanks and took it. As I walked off he was reading it!

Day 150919: Gas Pump


I left a Who is Described by at the gas pump and football trivia tracts at three other pumps. 2015-09-19 07.21.09

Day 150915: Chick-fil-a


Even when I got to Chick-Fil-A I hand out tracts. Some say it is not necessary because “everyone who works there is already a Christian.” I don’t know if they are a Christian or not, especially until talking to them. And handing them a tract is an easy way to get them talking.

I gave a Who is described by the the cashier.

One of the supporters of Bezeugen and I were having a conversation while we ate dinner. Several employees came over to ask if we needed anything, refill our drinks etc. One of them came several times. We told her about the ministry. I gave her a Thank You tract for her service. When she came back another time we told her more about the tract club. She told us she is in high school and is interested in sharing her faith. I told her how my son used tracts as bookmarks when he was in high school and that lead to the opportunity to share the tracts with the other students.

She was interested. Turns out we had some extra tract club envelopes with us. So we offered her one and told her that we’d send them each month if she enrolled. She was so excited.

Day 150914: Door to Door


Normally when I post a BLOG titled “door to door” it is about me going door to door to share the Gospel with people. Tonight, someone came to my door. And I shared the Gospel with him. Wjhile we were eating the door bell rang. I opened the door. A young man was there trying to sell me electricity. I listened to his speal. Then I pulled out a “who is described” by card. I showed him the card and all the titles listed. I asked if he knew the only person who meets all the descriptions and titles listed. He said God. And we had a short conversation and I showed him how not only is it God, but more specifically it is referring to Jesus!

Day 150911: UPS Delivery


A UPS delivery guy came to my door. I handed him a Who is described by tract!