August 2015

Day 150902: Cancer Awareness


Day 2 of the Tract Tracker contest. I got going early and posted on Facebook asking which tract I should hand out today. While

Facebook post

Facebook post

there were several comments, I choose to go with the Cancer Awareness because of this comment, “Cancer. Save the rules one for the start of football season in a few weeks.”

So I worked all day, then went home and ate dinner. After dinner we dropped our son at a pool party and then made our way to church for a meeting. I realized I was short on time and still had not had a chance to share the Gospel with anyone. On the way to church my wife suggested stopping at Race Trac to get a drink. Great! Not a drink! But a chance to share the Gospel.

1381252_1154790651202668_4931996710896652820_nAs we walked into RaceTrac a couple folks were coming out. So I gave them each Cancer Awareness tracts. As I went in the door a guy in a white shirt with black tie was coming out of the door. I said, “I was challenged today to give this card to you.” He smiled and took it.  I gave another Cancer Awareness tract to the cashier. As we left I gave another one to another guy coming in. As I walked ot my car there were three men coming. Each got Cancer Awareness tracts. Finally as we reached our car, a teen was walking in. She got a Cancer Awareness tract too!

Day 150826: CPA


We filed an extension with the IRS and had been working to get our tax materials ready to hand in to our CPA. Finally got everything ready. So my wife dropped off all the papers with the CPA this morning. Inside the first folder was a Thank You tract from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

This evening we went to several stores to hand out some tracts. Purchased a few items while we were out. Here are some pictures of some tracts that were distributed. Gave one to a guy named Mike at WalMart that lead to an encouraging conversation. He is a believer in Jesus and was encouraged to talk about Jesus with me!

We ended up going to three 7-11’s to hand out tracts to the cashiers until we found one that actually had icee’s ready! At the last one I gave tracts to two customers as well as the cashier!

2015-08-26 19.30.39 2015-08-26 19.05.34 2015-08-26 19.04.16 2015-08-26 18.34.14

Day 150825: Mail


Mailed my car payment along with a 2+2= tract from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club. Also mailed a few business reply envelopes that had come in the mail with tracts in them as well.

Day 150824: West End


Met up with Arnold and Craig at the Dallas West End transit center at lunch today. The three of us distributed nearly 500 Dallas Cowboy schedule tracts. Had some great one on one conversations. I like to ask people if the Cowboys will win the super bowl then find out if they think anyone will remember who wins the super bowl in 100 years. Then ask where they will be in 100 years. I had one muslim cuss me out and tell me that islam is a religion of destruction. Recorded it kn periscope. There is some foul language (from him) but if there is interest I’ll post the link. I still need to find a better way to prop up my phone in my shirt pocket so that the video works. But you can hear the whole conversation.

I had a good conversation with a young man and was able to give him a Bible bookmark from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Day 150823: Taco


Had lunch at Del Taco. The cashier got a Get Out of Hell Free card from the August mailing of the Bezeugen2015-08-23 12.31.34 Tract Club. I also gave out several Dallas Cowboys schedule tracts both inside and outside of the restaurant and then left some of them in the gift card holder by the cash register for the next customers.

Day 150822: Tacos for lunch


We stopped for tacos for lunch. I gave the cashier a 2+2= tract. These tracts are fun to give to cashiers and just say “here is a 2015-08-22 17.09.03 2015-08-22 16.37.34 2015-08-22 11.41.53little help with your math in case the cash register breaks down.” They get a little laugh and then I encourage them to read the back!

I also placed some Dallas Cowboys schedule tracts around the line where people wait to order.

In the afternoon Scott posted a challenge to the Everyday Club to hand out ten tracts before the end of the day. I was at the grocery store at the time and was able to complete the challenge there at the store, and then at the CostCo when I stopped for gas. The ten tracts went to the Cashier, the bagger, extra one for the baggers friend, one that I left on the belt that the cashier picked up and agreed to give to the next customer, two in magazines, one to another customer. At the gas pump, another customer at the gas pump, a worker at CostCo.

Day 150821: Flowers


I stopped at teh store on my way home from work in order to leave a tract at the self checkout. Picked up some flowers for my wife while I was there! I put a Get Out of Hell Free from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club on the self check out key pad.

Day 150820: Outlaw


This morning I stopped at the store to pick something up on my way to work. I gave a My 2015-08-20 06.41.13Card to Victor at the cash register and said, “can I just put it on My Card?” He took it and immediately started reading it. I asked if he had considered where he would spend eternity. He said, no not really. But he seemed very curious. I pointed out that my phone number was on the back of the card and invited him to call so we can get together and discuss! On the way out, I left an “Are You Ready” from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club in the credit card slot of the RedBox machine. At a doctor appointment I gave a My Card to the doctor. He shared it with his assistant. On the way out there was a guy with a t-shirt that said something like “outlaw boot camp” on the back. I called to him and said, “are you a real outlaw?” He stopped and I said, “if you are you might need a get out of hell free card.” He explained that he had been out of hell for a long time. He professed faith in Jesus and said he had recently moved to Dallas and was looking for a church. He is going to call me and I may be able to invite him to our church or help him find one closer to where he lives!

Day 150819: At the Mall


Walked around the mall. Good conversation with guy at best buy mobile. Gave him “my card”. A gal at kiosk was watching a 2015-08-19 19.43.28movie. Asked if she wanted to see a free movie. She was interested. Wrote down for her. Gave a tract to the guy at sonic. Left an are you ready from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club on the table. Gave out several more tracts. Good trip to the maill!

Day 150818: Gas Pump


Broadcasted on Periscope this morning about putting tracts at the gas pump. Left tracts in two credit card slots – including an Are You Ready tract from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club. Then a couple more in a holder on the pump. After I stopped broadcasting a guy working for a landscape company came over to throw some trash out and I was able to hand him a tract. Went to an appointment with my wife and handed out tracts to several of the people who worked there. They got a kick out of them. At dinner the waitress got a tract. They also had a table with business cards from a number of businesses. I left some of my ministry business cards and a stack of tracts for people to pick up.