Football Trivia

Day 150924: State Fair Prayer Meeting


After work I drove to Fair Park for a come and go prayer meeting at the State Fair Gospel booth. For the past five years I have 2015-09-24 19.07.50brought a team of laborers to the booth to share the Gospel one day of the 24 day State Fair. This year I will lead a team on October 17th. The fair kicks off on Friday, September 25th and runs through Sunday October 18th. An estimated 3.5 million visitors will attend the fair making it the largest state fair in the country and one of the largest witnessing venues you could imagine. A booth is setup on Nimitz Blvd across the street from a row of fried food vendors and just a few hundred feet from the historic Cotton Bowl stadium. Each day during the fair people will come up to the booth to take the Million Dollar Eye test, get diagnosed by a spiritual doctor and then hear the only cure is through the life giving blood of Jesus! Please keep this outreach in your prayers.

So as I left the prayer meeting I had the chance to talk to a few people. I gave a Fried at the Fair tract to one of the vendors who was testing their food setup. I gave a football trivia tract to one of the workers sitting in a golf card. And I gave camo cards(from the September mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club) to two guys who were from IBM and working on setting up the network for the coupon sales booth.

Day 150923: Date Night


My wife and I got to have an impromtu date night! Went to a nice restaurant for dinner. I left a tract at the check in and gave an “Who is described by” to the hostess. After dinner I left a John 3:16 tract with a generous tip.

I stopped for gas on the way home and put two football trivia tracts in the gas pump credit card slots of the pump I was at and the one on the other side of the island. As I was walking around to get back in my car, I noticed a guy standing there pumping gas. I walked over, said hello and handed him a football trivia tract. I said, “Here is some football trivia for you. It has the Gospel on the back.” He said thanks and took it. As I walked off he was reading it!

Day 150917: Choose your tract


I went to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop today for lunch. I held out three tracts (Cancer Awareness, 2015-09-17 12.52.02Play by the Rules and Camo Card) from the September mailing to the cashier and asked her to pick one. She looked at them and handed me the Camo Card back.  I said, i’ts fine if you want to keep two. She took the Camo Card back and looked it over a bit more. Then asked what they are about. I told her they all had the Gospel on the back. She smiled and said that was neat. I told her she could keep two if she wanted to and she could even give one of those away to someone else if she wanted to. So again she handed the Camo Card back and kept the other two!


As I ate my lunch I left a Football Trivia tract on the table!

Day 150913: Cashier


Stopped for gas and gave a tract to the cashier. Also went out to dinner and gave a tract to the waitress.

I put tracts into these newspapers and left some football trivia tracts on the standfor others to pick up!2015-09-13 12.13.45