Day 150928: West End Witnessing


Day 28 of the Tract Tracker contest. Starting the day, I have three tracts remaining from the September mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club – Cancer Awareness, Play by the Rules and a Bookmark. if you are participating be sure to complete the tract tracker and then be ready to return it to the ministry on the 30th.

2015-09-28 05.56.22

At lunch I met Craig in the Dallas West End for some witnessing. This is one of our favorite fishing holes. There are always people there milling about and waiting for the train or bus. So it is easy to approach them, hand them a tract and then share the Gospel with them.

I had an assortment of tracts with me including Fried at the Fair (which is popular this time of year with the Texas State Fair now in its first full week), Dallas Cowboys football schedule tract and a new version of the Who do you say that I AM that will be in the November mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Many people took the Cowboys schedule tracts. I had several good conversations with people with the fried at the fair tracts. Those conversations go like this. Can you name 10 things fried at the fair. Regardless if they do, then ask “can you name the Ten Commandments?” I had two teens tell me that they could not name the Ten Commandments, but one boasted that he could name 20 types of weed! They both claimed to be Christian. I reminded them that the Bible says not to be drunk, but to be full of the Holy Spirit!

I gave out the bookmark that is pictured above along with a New Testament to a young lady who listened very intently to the Gospel. After a brief conversation that started with the Fried at the Fair tract, I asked if she had read the Bible. She said no. So I asked if I could show her a couple things. She agreed. So I sat down next to her on the bench where she was sitting, opened the New Testament and walked her through the questions. She took the New Testament and bookmark and thanked me for my time!


Day 150908: Disc Golf


I was at the park this evening tossing around some disc golf discs. As it approached time2015-09-08 19.07.24 to leave I made my way back to my car. As I walked up to my car, three teens were walking up to the car next to me. Now, I know this is beginning to sound like the intro to a new horror film, but it’s not!

Since the three were almost to their car doors, I knew I only had a second to catch them. “Hey, guy, how you doing? Did you get one of these?” They stopped came over to me and I handed each of them a different Gospel tract. I told them that I only had a minute but what I had to share with them was very important. They were listening.

I asked “have you ever read the Bible?”

“I tried”, said the first guy.

“No”, said the second and third.

So I turned to the first guy and said, “when you read the Bible, did you start at the beginning?”

He said yes. So I told him that I like to have people read the Gospel of John first. I asked if it would be ok for me to show him why? He agreed. So I opened the trunk of my car and took out three New Testaments. I opened to the Gospel of John and showed them that it is only 14 pages. I turn to Chapter 20 and showed a section heading “The Purpose of this book” and underneath read the scripture to them:

30 Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; 31 but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

I suggested that they each read a chapter of John each day starting with Chapter 1. And I gave them each bookmarks (one from the September mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club). With the bookmarks I explained, these 10 questions and verses will show you the purpose of the entire Bible. They all three gladly accepted the New Testaments.

I gave them my business card with my phone number and email on it, I told them I’d be happy to talk more, but that I had to leave right then to go pick up my son. I invited them to call me if they had any questions and we parted ways.


Day 150824: West End


Met up with Arnold and Craig at the Dallas West End transit center at lunch today. The three of us distributed nearly 500 Dallas Cowboy schedule tracts. Had some great one on one conversations. I like to ask people if the Cowboys will win the super bowl then find out if they think anyone will remember who wins the super bowl in 100 years. Then ask where they will be in 100 years. I had one muslim cuss me out and tell me that islam is a religion of destruction. Recorded it kn periscope. There is some foul language (from him) but if there is interest I’ll post the link. I still need to find a better way to prop up my phone in my shirt pocket so that the video works. But you can hear the whole conversation.

I had a good conversation with a young man and was able to give him a Bible bookmark from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Day 150806: First Thursday Prayer


Today was the First Thursday of the month, so I went to Carrollton City Hall to pray before2015-08-06 06.49.43 going to work. I used the Patriotic Bookmark and Psalm 33 as my guide for prayer. I had several extra bookmarks and was able to give them out to some people coming to work and coming to pay bills at city hall. The bookmarks were easy to hand out. I simply said, “here is a bookmark for you… it has some scripture on the back.”

I had intended to try a new breakfast place near city hall for breakfast after my prayer time. But, when I drove over to it, they were not open. I guess adding breakfast to their menu didn’t work out! So, I drove on towards work. Yet, I realized, I’d never make it to lunch without eating breakfast. So I stopped at Einstein Bagle and picked up a bagel sandwich. I gave thank you tracts (one from the mailing) to the person who took my order and the cashier who rang me up!


Day 150803: Bookmark


When i arrived at the church to pack the envelopes for the September mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club there was a young man (20’s) outside. Shared the gospel with him and invited him to join us for dinner but he had left by then. We had a good conversation. When my friend John arrived i was standing on a bench giving an example of earning favor with God by works.

I gave him a bookmark and a New Testament and explained how the questions would re-inforce what we had discussed.

Day 150712 – Created to Do


I had the opportunity to hand out a number of tracts today. I gave a Thank You tract to the cashier when I refilled my 2015-07-12 19.56.54Sodapalooza cup. I gave a Create to Do tract to the cashier at the movie theater. I gave a Thank You tract to the person who got my popcorn. And a YOLO tract to the cashier at the snack bar when paying for the popcorn and drinks.

Later we went to dinner and gave a Thank You tract to the cashier. Also left a few tracts at the restaurant. I was recently informed about putting tracts in the napkins dispenser so that the next person can get a tract when they get a napkin.

Left a bookmark tract at the Redbox!

Day 150706 – Pizza Delivery


Today was the first Monday of the month. So we were packing the tract club envelopes for the August mailing of the tract club. The pizza delivery man received an Are You a Good American tract from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Had an amazing thing happened. While I was going out of the church to help my wife bring in things from the car, I saw a young man sitting at one of the tables outside the church. I asked if everything was ok. He said yes and indicated he had heard some good things about the church and decided to stop by. I told him that I was not affiliated with the church and that we used it for our ministry but could get him some information on the church. I helped my wife unload the car and then picked up some information on the church and took it out to him. When I went back out he was reading a Bible. So I asked “are you a Christian?” His response was “No, but my family is. I have some questions about it.” I told him that a group of us were working on packing envelopes to go in the mail but we’d be happy to talk with him and answer any questions that he had. He came inside, helped us and we had some great conversation with him. I gave him a bookmark and we exchanged contact information. Praying for the opportunity to have ongoing discussion with him.

Day 150705: Bookmark at the Race Trac


We went to see the movie Faith of Our Fathers. Highly recommended by the way. And if you could take a friend that needs to hear they Gospel, they will hear it! At the theater I handed out a number of tracts to two cashiers, the ticket taker and the cashier at the snack bar. The ticket taker didn’t get the “joke” when I said “here is MyCard to get in” and handed him the new MyCard tract (coming soon to the Bezeugen Tract Club). I then handed him my actual tickets. And he handed the tract back with the stubs.

After the movie we refilled out @Sodapalooza cups at Race Trac and i handed a Patriotic Bookmark from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club to one of the other customers. The woman’s adult daughter was very appreciate as was the woman. I offered to go to the car to get another bookmark for the woman’s daughter, but she said that was not necessary.

Day 150704: Liberty by the Nebraska Furniture Mart


Our son was participating in Liberty by the Lake. But due to the rain and flooding the lake levels are too high and the race had to be moved to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I brought a stack of Patriotic Bookmarks to hand out. Before the race it was hard to hand out the tracts because the runners did not want something else to hang on to. So I only handed out a few to the spectators. However, after the race everyone took one and I handed out a few hundred of the bookmarks. I completed the #DailyTractChallenge more than a hundred times by saying “Happy 4th” or “Happy 4th of July” and handing people the bookmarks.

8.5"X2.75" Post Card Template

Day 150703: Bookmarks


July 3rd was the Independence Day Holiday observed here in America. I was off work. I started the day with breakfast with a friend. At the donut shop I was able out a number of tracts to other customers including a Are You a Good American tract from the July tract club mailing. The place is Christian owned and they have allowed us to have a “tract rack” there for a couple years now. So I also restocked the rack with tracts. I was showing my friend the new MyCard tract that will be in a future mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club (enroll to get your MyCard tracts for free when they are in a future mailing). There were a couple teenagers who could here our discussion and thought it was funny. So I gave them each MyCard’s as we left.

We spent the day going to the peach farm and then to the local fireworks show. At the peach farm I gave out a number of Patriotic Bookmarks to employees and other customers.

At the fireworks I was able to distribute around 100 Patriotic Bookmarks even while we were just hanging out. Amazingly it took most of the day before finding someone with an American Flag on their hat to complete the #DailyTractChallenge.