Day 150929: National Coffee Day


Stopped for coffee on the way to work. Gave a Play by the Rules to the cashier. Completed the #DailyTractChallenge for National Coffee Day!

Day 150926: Camo Card


Today was national hunting and fishing day and the Daily Tract Challenge was to give out a camo card. I left one at the gas2015-09-26 06.21.16 pump. I also went inside the gas station and left some camo cards in a business card holder. On a trip to the grocery store I gave tracts to a couple people in the parking lot, left several in beer cases and gave one to the cashier.

Day 150902: Cancer Awareness


Day 2 of the Tract Tracker contest. I got going early and posted on Facebook asking which tract I should hand out today. While

Facebook post

Facebook post

there were several comments, I choose to go with the Cancer Awareness because of this comment, “Cancer. Save the rules one for the start of football season in a few weeks.”

So I worked all day, then went home and ate dinner. After dinner we dropped our son at a pool party and then made our way to church for a meeting. I realized I was short on time and still had not had a chance to share the Gospel with anyone. On the way to church my wife suggested stopping at Race Trac to get a drink. Great! Not a drink! But a chance to share the Gospel.

1381252_1154790651202668_4931996710896652820_nAs we walked into RaceTrac a couple folks were coming out. So I gave them each Cancer Awareness tracts. As I went in the door a guy in a white shirt with black tie was coming out of the door. I said, “I was challenged today to give this card to you.” He smiled and took it.  I gave another Cancer Awareness tract to the cashier. As we left I gave another one to another guy coming in. As I walked ot my car there were three men coming. Each got Cancer Awareness tracts. Finally as we reached our car, a teen was walking in. She got a Cancer Awareness tract too!

Day 150728: Periscope


CaptureBezeugen Ministries is pleased to announce that we are now on Periscope! We have done several short broadcasts already. Today I broadcast in the morning announcing the daily tract challenge, that I had three tracts left for the month. Then in the evening I broadcast again showing the distribution of one of those three tracts – placing a two cars crashing tract into a case of beer. You can download Periscope for the iPhone or Android device and then follow @bezeugen for more updates.

I also completed the daily tract challenge by placing a tract onto this thank you balloon. The #DailyTractChallenge was to put a tract in a unique place!

2015-07-28 20.43.09


Day 150705: Bookmark at the Race Trac


We went to see the movie Faith of Our Fathers. Highly recommended by the way. And if you could take a friend that needs to hear they Gospel, they will hear it! At the theater I handed out a number of tracts to two cashiers, the ticket taker and the cashier at the snack bar. The ticket taker didn’t get the “joke” when I said “here is MyCard to get in” and handed him the new MyCard tract (coming soon to the Bezeugen Tract Club). I then handed him my actual tickets. And he handed the tract back with the stubs.

After the movie we refilled out @Sodapalooza cups at Race Trac and i handed a Patriotic Bookmark from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club to one of the other customers. The woman’s adult daughter was very appreciate as was the woman. I offered to go to the car to get another bookmark for the woman’s daughter, but she said that was not necessary.

Day 150704: Liberty by the Nebraska Furniture Mart


Our son was participating in Liberty by the Lake. But due to the rain and flooding the lake levels are too high and the race had to be moved to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I brought a stack of Patriotic Bookmarks to hand out. Before the race it was hard to hand out the tracts because the runners did not want something else to hang on to. So I only handed out a few to the spectators. However, after the race everyone took one and I handed out a few hundred of the bookmarks. I completed the #DailyTractChallenge more than a hundred times by saying “Happy 4th” or “Happy 4th of July” and handing people the bookmarks.

8.5"X2.75" Post Card Template

Day 150703: Bookmarks


July 3rd was the Independence Day Holiday observed here in America. I was off work. I started the day with breakfast with a friend. At the donut shop I was able out a number of tracts to other customers including a Are You a Good American tract from the July tract club mailing. The place is Christian owned and they have allowed us to have a “tract rack” there for a couple years now. So I also restocked the rack with tracts. I was showing my friend the new MyCard tract that will be in a future mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club (enroll to get your MyCard tracts for free when they are in a future mailing). There were a couple teenagers who could here our discussion and thought it was funny. So I gave them each MyCard’s as we left.

We spent the day going to the peach farm and then to the local fireworks show. At the peach farm I gave out a number of Patriotic Bookmarks to employees and other customers.

At the fireworks I was able to distribute around 100 Patriotic Bookmarks even while we were just hanging out. Amazingly it took most of the day before finding someone with an American Flag on their hat to complete the #DailyTractChallenge.