As You Go

Day 150807: at the Doctor


Whenever I go to the doctor I put tracts in the magazines in the lobby. It is easy to pick up one magazine, flip a few pages, put 2015-08-07 15.27.04a tract in the binding, close it, but the magazine down, pick up the next one and repeat. I must have put five tracts into magazines while I waited for the doctor.

I gave thank you tracts to the staff who helped out. The doctor asked me about my Bezeugen “as you go” wristband. So that was a great opportunity to pause, share the Gospel with him and then hand him a Thank You tract from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club as well.

Day 150706 – Pizza Delivery


Today was the first Monday of the month. So we were packing the tract club envelopes for the August mailing of the tract club. The pizza delivery man received an Are You a Good American tract from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Had an amazing thing happened. While I was going out of the church to help my wife bring in things from the car, I saw a young man sitting at one of the tables outside the church. I asked if everything was ok. He said yes and indicated he had heard some good things about the church and decided to stop by. I told him that I was not affiliated with the church and that we used it for our ministry but could get him some information on the church. I helped my wife unload the car and then picked up some information on the church and took it out to him. When I went back out he was reading a Bible. So I asked “are you a Christian?” His response was “No, but my family is. I have some questions about it.” I told him that a group of us were working on packing envelopes to go in the mail but we’d be happy to talk with him and answer any questions that he had. He came inside, helped us and we had some great conversation with him. I gave him a bookmark and we exchanged contact information. Praying for the opportunity to have ongoing discussion with him.

Day 150703: Bookmarks


July 3rd was the Independence Day Holiday observed here in America. I was off work. I started the day with breakfast with a friend. At the donut shop I was able out a number of tracts to other customers including a Are You a Good American tract from the July tract club mailing. The place is Christian owned and they have allowed us to have a “tract rack” there for a couple years now. So I also restocked the rack with tracts. I was showing my friend the new MyCard tract that will be in a future mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club (enroll to get your MyCard tracts for free when they are in a future mailing). There were a couple teenagers who could here our discussion and thought it was funny. So I gave them each MyCard’s as we left.

We spent the day going to the peach farm and then to the local fireworks show. At the peach farm I gave out a number of Patriotic Bookmarks to employees and other customers.

At the fireworks I was able to distribute around 100 Patriotic Bookmarks even while we were just hanging out. Amazingly it took most of the day before finding someone with an American Flag on their hat to complete the #DailyTractChallenge.

Day 150702: Are You a Good American


I attended First Thursday Prayer in Carrollton, TX. While at the Flag Poles I was able to hand out a couple of tracts including an Are You a Good American from the July Tract Club mailing.

Day 150701: Challenge Accepted


11249407_1115874948427572_9052368834673298870_nFor the month of July I intend to share the Gospel every day using one of the tracts from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club and complete as many of the tract challenges as possible. On this first of July, I had to go to an eye doctor appointment. The daily tract challenge was to give a tract to someone wearing a shirt with an American Flag on it. I figured a few days before the Holiday weekend how hard would that be to just walk into the eye doctors office and find somone. Nope! All the staff were dressed professionally, in scrubs, etc. Not a single one was wearing anything patriotic. None of the patients either.

Each person that helped me including the check in, tech, doctor and check out received a Thank You tract. As I left the office to go to work, a woman came down the hall wearing a red, white and blue shirt with a big star on it. So I completed the challenge by giving a Are You a Good American tract from the tract club mailing!

Coming Soon - Bezeugen Tract Club

Coming Soon – Bezeugen Tract Club

After work I met my wife for dinner. I gave out several thank you cards to the staff that helped us. Then we were off to CostCo. I got to use the MyCard (coming soon to the Bezeugen Tract Club) as I had intended and designed it. Gave out five of them to people working at CostCo. Overall it is being well received!

Day 30: Are You a Good Person


The last day of the month! I did it. A tract a day from the June mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club shared on this BLOG. I hope you have been encouraged. Would you like to do it yourself? Enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club to get your 30 FREE Gospel tracts a month.

Now, you are probably saying to yourself, “wait a minute, Carl, you have not actually said anything about the 30th tract yet.” Ok. So I had a scheduled appointment with a contractor to come to my home. So I had to adjust my schedule to leave work and be home in time for him to come. This meant arriving at work early (no time to stop to share the Gospel) and working through a quick lunch at the office (no time to share the Gospel). So when I arrived home, I still had not yet handed out any tracts nor shared the Gospel with anyone much less, given out one of the tracts from the June mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Plus…. I was intentionally saving the last one. To give to the contractor who was scheduled to come to my door.

I heard a knock on the door. Assuming it was him. But it wasn’t. It was a teenager asking if he could mow my lawn. I do that work myself, so I thanked him for coming and gave him one of our newly designed Thank You tracts. But I kept the last tract of the June mailing to give to the contractor.

He was coming.

Or was he.

Eventually it got late, I called the company. There had been some mistake in scheduling. He was not coming. They were going to have to reschedule.

Another knock on the door. I opened the door to see the UPS driver getting back into his truck. I called to him, “I have a gift for you…” he turned around and I handed him the last tract from the June mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club – the last Are You a Good Person tract!

Join me next month as I try again, this time trying to complete as many of the #DailyTractChallenge posts as possible.

Oh, the month of June did not end there. My wife and I had to go to the store. I asked the cashier if I

Coming Soon - Bezeugen Tract Club

Coming Soon – Bezeugen Tract Club

could pay with “MyCard”. It’s a fun new tract that is coming to a future mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club. It works well at places you have to show your ID, make payment, or just introduce yourself. “Did you get My Card?” At the train station on Monday I was then explaining to people that “I am with the Department of Eternal Security and just wanted to see if they are good enough to go to Heaven?” That leads right into the Gospel. Would you like “MyCard” to hand out? Then join the Bezeugen Tract Club and they will be delivered to you in a future monthly mailing.

Here is a summary of how the 30 tracts were distributed. You can click the links on the dates to read that day’s BLOG article.

Tract Distributed Dates
What happens after #YOLO 7 of 7 4, 10, 11, 12, 18, 25, 28
Thank You 7 of 7 1, 2, 8, 9, 16, 19, 21
Are you a Good Person? 7 of 7 7,  13, 14, 20, 22, 29, 30
NASCAR Trivia 7 of 7 3, 5, 6, 15, 17, 23, 27
Bookmark 2 of 2 24, 26


Day 29: Are You a Good Person


Previous to starting this current contract job I was going to the Dallas West End DART station with Craig and Arnold and some others from our ministry on a weekly basis to share the Gospel. Craig and Arnold have continued to go even while I’ve been working this contract. My office is a 30 minute drive. but today I was able to go into work early, take a longer lunch and meet Craig in the West End. It was hot, but I was blessed to be able to spend 45 minutes sharing the Gospel with a number of people. I shared the Gospel with a JW and even got him to take a New Testament and a Bible bookmark. And I got to hand out some of our newest tract designs. Hopefully my schedule will allow me to go back more regularly than the nearly 9 months it had been since going d2015-06-29 12.53.47own there to share the Gospel!

As I walked back to my car I shared an “Are You a Good Person” tract from the June mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

On the way back to work I had to stop for gas. I put one of our new tract designs into the gas pump at the 7-11! If

Day 28: YOLO at the gas station


Stopped by Race Trac to refill my #Sodapalooza cup. Gave a YOLO tract to the cashier. He was very appreciative of receiving it!

Day 27: NASCAR


We went to the Farmers Market and I handed out a number of patriotic bookmarks. Went to several stores and handed out more bookmarks and tracts. At one stop we got some cold drinks at the the gas station. I gave one of the cashiers a thank you tract. The other I asked “do you like NASCAR?” He said yes. So I gave him a NASCAR trivia tract.

Day 25: YOLO


I had breakfast at IHOP and then left a YOLO tract with a tip.2015-06-25 07.54.18