one on one

one on one

Day 150914: Door to Door


Normally when I post a BLOG titled “door to door” it is about me going door to door to share the Gospel with people. Tonight, someone came to my door. And I shared the Gospel with him. Wjhile we were eating the door bell rang. I opened the door. A young man was there trying to sell me electricity. I listened to his speal. Then I pulled out a “who is described” by card. I showed him the card and all the titles listed. I asked if he knew the only person who meets all the descriptions and titles listed. He said God. And we had a short conversation and I showed him how not only is it God, but more specifically it is referring to Jesus!

Day 150722: At the Mall


I met a friend for lunch at the mall. Several workers were handing out samples. I exchanged them for tracts. I ordered lunch and then gave the cashier a Create to Do tract.

After lunch we walked around the mall a little bit and struck up some conversations with people.

The first conversation was the worker at a booth selling popcorn. As I walked up, I asked, “Do you think they will have popcorn in Heaven?” She said she had no idea. So I followed with who goes to Heaven and then do you think there is a Heaven? In both cases I got a simple answer “don’t know don’t care.” She said she was not interested because it didn’t matter till she died. I asked, “what if it’s too late then.” Again “don’t care.” So we thanked her for her time and walked off.

Second conversation was with a guy demoing a “selfie stick”. So I asked “do you think people will take selfies in Heaven?” He said, “no.” I asked why not. He said, “because when you die you can’t take anything with you.” We had a great conversation and he shared his testimony of how he got saved and participated in a local church with his wife and son.

Third conversation was a man selling watches. Walked up and asked him, “do you think people 2015-07-22 20.12.33will wear watches in Heaven?” He was not sure. So I asked how people get to Heaven. This lead to a long conversation which basically centered on him explaining how good people go to Heaven. I listened for a while and then asked, “if good people go to Heaven, wouldn’t it make sense that God would tell us how good we need to be to get there?” He agreed. But held to his belief. We talked about who determines truth? Could it be determined by popular opinion? Like what if the Supreme Court ruled? Would that make it true? Or is truth true regardless of popular opinion. he agreed that truth is truth regardless. He started talking about how rude some customers of the mall are. Demanding to see certain items. And even damaging his kiosk. Then he said that the mall would fine him if he did not fix the customers damage. I asked how he would feel if I offered to pay the repair. He said it would not be right for me to pay and he would not ask me. I reminded him that he did not ask, but what if I offered. He told us that he is a Muslim. And we built a lot of common ground with these things and even things from the Bible like belief in Moses, the Ten Commandments and that there is a God.

So eventually, I looked him in the eye and said, “here is the difference between Christianity and all other religions.” While religion teaches man to be good to earn favor with God, Christianity is about Christ paying the price for our sin. He went back to his idea of being good. I reiterated our common ground about truth and the payment of our sin.  I told him who Jesus is. Then I pointed ot the red calculator on his counter and said, “you know I realize that what I’m telling you is like if you thought this calculator was yellow and suddenly I am telling you it is red.” I realize this may take some time to sink in.

I gave him a copy of our book The Truth May Impact Your Opinion and he said he would read it. And I told him that I’d stop back next week to see what he thinks of it. So please pray for him!

We had day two of VBS on the road and got to have several conversations with people about the Gospel. On the way home we stopped at WalMart to put some tracts around the store and give to some people. Oh, and my wife picked up a couple things while we were there!

Day 16: Thank you for the tacos


Tuesday night is discount taco night at Rosa’s Cafe! Had a taco plate and gave the cashier a Thank You tract. My friend who was with me asked what I had handed her. He is not a Christian, but I have shared the Gospel with him several times. So I handed him a tract and told him about it and it was a good opportunity to remind him of the message that I’ve shared with him. I continue to pray for his salvation!

Using The “$1,000,000,000 Eye Test” Tract


Another tract that was in the October tract club mailing is the “$1,000,000,000 Eye Test” tract. This was modified from the first time that it came out. The front asks the question “Would you trade one of your eyes for one million dollars?”. We will be using this one at the State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach on Oct. 18 where we will be asking people to take the million dollar eye test. Here’s a dialogue to use when giving out this tract:
“Would you trade one of your eyes for a million dollars?
Person: “I don’t believe I would?”
“What about both eyes for one hundred million? You could see the world!”
Person: “Definitely not!”
“Your eyesight is precious, isn’t it? How much more valuable is your soul?”
Person: “It’s valuable.”
Then, you can transition into taking them through the good person test or ask them to read the back of the tract. This is a great way to get someone to think about their eternal condition…..
As You Go!


At A Parade


Parades are always great events to pass out tracts at. There is a large crowd gathered for Christians to give them out! People of all ages attend them.
This is the 2nd year in a row that we have went to our local Mardi Gras parade. Three of us gave out 1500 tracts. We also had some great conversations. There were plenty of people to witness to. Most everyone who was offered a tract took them. If you are in the New Orleans area, there are plenty of Mardi Gras parades coming up very soon. Grab some tracts and a few friends to go to where the lost will be gathered!


Naughty Or Nice?


While I have been handing out the “What List Are You On?” Tract, I have been asking “What list are you on this year -naughty or nice?” Most people have said “nice”. A few have said “naughty”. A postman at a Church’s Chicken said “Probably naughty”. I’ll tell them it’s a Gospel tract for Christmas and that it is best to be on the “nice” list.


Herbert, McDonald’s WiFi, And The Law


We preach at the Claiborne Parish Detention Center three Wednesdays every month. I look for witnessing opportunities after service, usually at a McDonald’s or convenience store. I stopped at the McDonald’s drive-thru in Farmerville tonight, which is 30 minutes from home. As I was waiting, I noticed a man standing by the parking area. I parked when I got my order. I gave him a Football Trivia tract. I told him that it had 4 questions about football and the 5th one was spiritual. I said that one day that we are going to die just like all football players. I asked him how was he getting to Heaven. He said that someone had asked him that question before. I thought that it may have been recently, but he said that it was 10 years ago! I quoted 1 John 5:13 to him
(These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God). I gave him the good person test, taking him through 3 of the Ten Commandments. He said that he would be guilty based on those 3. I asked him to read 1John 5 and Romans 10. I pray that Herbert really thinks about eternity and what Jesus has done so that he can go to Heaven.


Damon And The Football Trivia Tract


Last Saturday while my wife went to Cato’s, my youngest son and I went to Big Lots. Before going in, we approached an employee who was taking a cigarette break. I offered him the new football trivia tract, which is in the September’s supply of tracts. His name is Damon. He said that he liked football. When presenting this tract, I’ll say that it has 4 trivia questions about football. The 5th one deals with what we have in common with all football players. This opens the door to talk about the spiritual. Damon said that he thought that he was going to heaven. I explained the difference between thinking and knowing. I quoted 1 John 5:13. He said that he was thinking about the things that we talked about. He wanted to get his children in church. I pray that he turns to The Lord soon! !

I like using Bezeugen tracts because they help in a witnessing encounter to swing from the natural to the spiritual. In his message “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”, Ray Comfort talks about not shining a flashlight in the sinner’s eyes. This would be saying things like “Jesus loves you” and “Repent or else!” You have to turn the light on slowly so that the sinner can see that he or she has broken God’s law. This is what tracts and using the the Ten Commandments do. What a way to witness! Turn the light on slowly so people can see their transgression. Take them through the law of God to mirror their violations against a holy God. Show them what Jesus did so that our fine was paid in full through his blood. When you have finished talking, that person still has a tract and prayerfully, will be convicted by the Gospel message to turn to Jesus with a real repentance that will give him or her eternal life in Heaven!


100% Sure!


Last week, I posted about responses to the “On a scale of 0 to 100, how certain are you that you will go to Heaven?” tract. On that Saturday, I gave one to the woman that said 80. I saw her again on Friday at Walmart when I was on lunch. When I asked her how sure she was now, she said “100”! She said that she had repented the day before! She had prayed that God would give her a job. She was hired at Walmart on Friday! I have been praying for someone to get saved! We may never see results of our labor, but we must keep sowing with tracts! There are a lot of people that aren’t sure if they are going to heaven. Through repentance, faith, and trust in Jesus, they can be 100% sure!


Tracts For July


In the July supply you will find these tracts: 2 + 2, the texting tract, Are You A Good American, and the new one that asks the question “On a scale of 0 to 100, how certain are you that you will go to heaven?” After we went open-air preaching and witnessing Friday night, I gave the new one to a woman @ the Burger King drive-thru. When she read the front, she said that she didn’t know. I gave the Are You A Good American? to a Vietnamese man at Fred’s when I saw him at the check out with 4th of July decorations. This is a great tract for this month because of the patriotism that is presented in the celebration of the 4th. When I give this one to someone, I ask “Did you get your 4th of July tract? I’ll say “Here’s your 4th of July Gospel tract. Have a good 4th!” This one will go well at a firework display and where fireworks are sold. Antonio seemed very appreciative when I gave him one tonight at Walmart. I also gave one to Troy, the new worker at our Dollar General. There are displays in stores going up for the holiday. I placed one in front of American flag plates on a shelf in Walmart. Anywhere you will find an American flag will be inviting you to leave this tract there. Take advantage of the freedom that we have to share our faith! Jesus gave us freedom so that we can tell others that they can be set free also!