Day 150922: Choose your gift


I decided to try something fun today. I posted a picture on Facebook of four tracts from the September mailing of the Bezeugen 2015-09-22 06.34.12tract Club and asked people to pick which one I should hand out. I got a couple of responses, but not until after my wife and I decided to go to a convenience store to purchase a drink of water. While we were there they had ice cream so I decided to have one! At the check out there were two cashiers. I think one was in training. I took the four tracts along with a fifth that will be in the November mailing and laid them out in front of the cashiers. I said, “I have a gift for yuo. You can pick which ever one of these you’d like.” She picked the cancer awareness saying that it was a really important message. He picked play by the rules. I quickly explained that they both are the same – based on the message on the back. They thanked me and we returned to the park to pick up our son from Cross Country practice.

At the park I checked the Facebook posts and there were comments to hand out a play by the rules. Done! But there was also a comment to hand out a Camo Card. So I went up to a guy in the park and said, “have you got your camo card?” He said no and I handed him one. This part is kind of funny, and nothing bad is meant by it, but a new tract we have is called the “MyCard”. You’ll see it in the November mailing of the Bezeugen tract Club. I jokingly hand it to people as if it is my business card. So after handing him the camo card, I looked at his girlfriend and said, “here is MyCard”. She laughed, took it and said thanks!

Day 150801: Thank You


The August tract club mailing contains the following four tracts: 2+2=, Get Out of Hell Free, Thank You (v2) and Are You Ready. Along with the tract club mailing you can also access online versions to share on social media or text messages.  In addition there are two bookmarks. During the month of August I’ll be blogging about handing out one of these tracts each day.2015-07-31 20.37.01

Today being Saturday I went with my wife to two Farmers Markets. The Thank You tract is so easy to give out. So, I gave one of the Thank You tracts from the mailing to someone at the market. I’m not sure who got it. Because I also gave out another 20 or more Thank You tracts to others that I met. Some were people we bought things from. Some went to people that I simple spoke to, got a sample from, etc.

I also gave out MyCard (coming in November to the Bezeugen Tract Club) to several people. One of them I had a nice one on one conversation with and shared the Gospel with him.

On the way home, I stopped at the gas station. I broadcast on Periscope (@bezeugen) about putting a tract in the gas pump slot. While the gas was pumping, I went inside and also gave a tract to the cashier who had helped me.

In the afternoon, I mailed several more tracts in business reply envelopes and posted that video on Periscope as well.

Day 150716 : Salt and Water


Got to hand out a number of tracts and talk to several people about Jesus today. On my way to work I had to stop by the post office. One the way back out another customer came in, so I handed her a Bucket List tract from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

I got off of work early and met my wife for a date! We went to the movies and saw Inside Out. That was fun. At the theater I gave MyCard to three employees working at snack bar. They were all checking to see if they were good enough to go to Heaven. The ticket taker got a Ten Commandments tract. After the movie ended, when I came back out four employees were waiting to clean the theater. Three of them were standing against the wall and one was holding the door. I gave each of the three Camo Cards, Ten Commandments and Are You a Good Person respectively. The third one asked “what is it?” so I told them they are Gospel tracts. When I went to hand one to the guy holding the door he reminded me that he already got one at the snack bar!

After the movie it was off to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I handed a Get Out of Hell Free card to the host who seated us. After2015-07-16 19.28.05 we sat down and placed our drink order one of the hostesses came over holding the Get Out of Hell Free card. She said, “you gave this to someone when you came in….” Kind of funny is I was thinking, “oh, no”, I am about to get reprimanded for handing out tracts. Then she said, “can I get one too?” I asked if she was a Christian and she said, “kind of”. So I gave her a Get Out of Hell Free Card and then gave her a few other tracts that i had with me.

Then she explained further, “my grandmother is a Jehovah’s Witness, can you tell me the difference between that and Christian?” I told her that the full explanation might take a little while, but I’d summarize. Then I gave her my card and invited her to call me and she and I and my wife could have a longer conversation about it.

I explained to her that Jesus must be God in order to be the perfect sacrifice to pay for the sins of the world. I told her that if he was not God, and was just a man, then he would not be perfect and His payment on the cross would not be sufficient. She nodded in agreement. Then I said, “the difference between Christian and Jehovahs Witness is that the JW deny the Deity of Jesus.” I explained to her that John 1:1 indicates that the word was God and that John 1:14 indicates the Word became flesh. So I said, “from these two verses it is clear that Jesus is God.” Again she nodded in agreement.

I then explained that the problem with the Jehovah’s Witnesses is that they have a translation of the Bible that adds one letter there in John 1:1 which says the word was “a” god. In essence they strip the Deity of Jesus with one letter.

Finally I explained to her that there are many “Jesus’s” and that people call them all the same as if they are both the same. I picked up the salt shaker and my glass of water. I told her, let’s say I tell you these are both water. Then I offer you a drink. Which would you want to drink from? She pointed to the water.  I said, in the same way, it is important to follow the true Jesus!

She thanked me for the conversation. I invited her to email or call and I’d provide her more information.

When we paid the bill I left a Thank You tract for the waitress!

Day 150703: Bookmarks


July 3rd was the Independence Day Holiday observed here in America. I was off work. I started the day with breakfast with a friend. At the donut shop I was able out a number of tracts to other customers including a Are You a Good American tract from the July tract club mailing. The place is Christian owned and they have allowed us to have a “tract rack” there for a couple years now. So I also restocked the rack with tracts. I was showing my friend the new MyCard tract that will be in a future mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club (enroll to get your MyCard tracts for free when they are in a future mailing). There were a couple teenagers who could here our discussion and thought it was funny. So I gave them each MyCard’s as we left.

We spent the day going to the peach farm and then to the local fireworks show. At the peach farm I gave out a number of Patriotic Bookmarks to employees and other customers.

At the fireworks I was able to distribute around 100 Patriotic Bookmarks even while we were just hanging out. Amazingly it took most of the day before finding someone with an American Flag on their hat to complete the #DailyTractChallenge.

Day 150701: Challenge Accepted


11249407_1115874948427572_9052368834673298870_nFor the month of July I intend to share the Gospel every day using one of the tracts from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club and complete as many of the tract challenges as possible. On this first of July, I had to go to an eye doctor appointment. The daily tract challenge was to give a tract to someone wearing a shirt with an American Flag on it. I figured a few days before the Holiday weekend how hard would that be to just walk into the eye doctors office and find somone. Nope! All the staff were dressed professionally, in scrubs, etc. Not a single one was wearing anything patriotic. None of the patients either.

Each person that helped me including the check in, tech, doctor and check out received a Thank You tract. As I left the office to go to work, a woman came down the hall wearing a red, white and blue shirt with a big star on it. So I completed the challenge by giving a Are You a Good American tract from the tract club mailing!

Coming Soon - Bezeugen Tract Club

Coming Soon – Bezeugen Tract Club

After work I met my wife for dinner. I gave out several thank you cards to the staff that helped us. Then we were off to CostCo. I got to use the MyCard (coming soon to the Bezeugen Tract Club) as I had intended and designed it. Gave out five of them to people working at CostCo. Overall it is being well received!