Are You Ready

Day 150820: Outlaw


This morning I stopped at the store to pick something up on my way to work. I gave a My 2015-08-20 06.41.13Card to Victor at the cash register and said, “can I just put it on My Card?” He took it and immediately started reading it. I asked if he had considered where he would spend eternity. He said, no not really. But he seemed very curious. I pointed out that my phone number was on the back of the card and invited him to call so we can get together and discuss! On the way out, I left an “Are You Ready” from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club in the credit card slot of the RedBox machine. At a doctor appointment I gave a My Card to the doctor. He shared it with his assistant. On the way out there was a guy with a t-shirt that said something like “outlaw boot camp” on the back. I called to him and said, “are you a real outlaw?” He stopped and I said, “if you are you might need a get out of hell free card.” He explained that he had been out of hell for a long time. He professed faith in Jesus and said he had recently moved to Dallas and was looking for a church. He is going to call me and I may be able to invite him to our church or help him find one closer to where he lives!

Day 150819: At the Mall


Walked around the mall. Good conversation with guy at best buy mobile. Gave him “my card”. A gal at kiosk was watching a 2015-08-19 19.43.28movie. Asked if she wanted to see a free movie. She was interested. Wrote down for her. Gave a tract to the guy at sonic. Left an are you ready from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club on the table. Gave out several more tracts. Good trip to the maill!

Day 150818: Gas Pump


Broadcasted on Periscope this morning about putting tracts at the gas pump. Left tracts in two credit card slots – including an Are You Ready tract from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club. Then a couple more in a holder on the pump. After I stopped broadcasting a guy working for a landscape company came over to throw some trash out and I was able to hand him a tract. Went to an appointment with my wife and handed out tracts to several of the people who worked there. They got a kick out of them. At dinner the waitress got a tract. They also had a table with business cards from a number of businesses. I left some of my ministry business cards and a stack of tracts for people to pick up.

Day 150816: LePeep


After church we went to LePeep with our friends from church. We had a nice lunch. The waiter and the cashier received Are you Ready tracts from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Day 150813: Are You Ready


Stopped at CVS to let mey son pick out a birthday card for his mom. While I was there I left a few tracts around the store. I gave an Are you Ready tract from the August Mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club to the cashier and had a brief conversation with her.

Day 150805: at the mall


I talked to a man at the mall two weeks ago and gave him a copy of The Truth May Impact Your Opinion. He said he would read it. When I followed up last week he was busy with a customer. Today he was not there. But, I asked about the man, and the book, to a young man who was working at that Kiosk. The young man remembered seeing the book and he located it in the drawer by the cash register. This, obviously, lead to a discussion about then book and then about the Gospel. This young man was born in Pakistan, attended a Catholic school for ten years, has studied most of the main world religions, yet believes his eternity hangs in the balance of whether he has done more good than bad in his lifetime. We talked about the Ten Commandment – and he failed the good person test with just one question. And I got to tell him who the real Jesus is. He said he also would read the book. So, now I have two people to follow up with at the same kiosk!

As I left, the young man got an Are You Ready tract from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Day 150804: Founders Plaza


I had a long day of work – 12.5 hours. By the time I got off work I had missed dinner at home 787 @ Founders Plaza and my wife and son had gone to his cross country practice. So, I decided to stop at Founders Plaza on the way home and watch the planes come and go for a little while. There were a number of other people there watching planes, talking, hanging out. Mostly I kept to myself and gathered my thoughts about a long day. But I did talk briefly with one person and offered them an Are You Ready tract from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club. They took it and thanked me.

God Has People Ready To Be Witnessed To!


I read today about a witnessing testimony from Sumner Wemp when he talked to a nurse after giving her a tract. She had just read “Left Behind” and was waiting for someone to tell her how to get saved. Tonight, I went to the Chevron to get milk. I gave the “Are You Ready” tract to a man who was smoking outside by his vehicle. He said that he has been ready. He told me that he had died twice. I told him that he was still here for a reason. He was shot the second time that he died. I asked if he went to church around here. He and his family were on the way home to Arkansas. (I am in Louisiana) When his family came out from the store, we shook hands and left. I pray that he reads the tract and thinks about eternity. God has the right people ready for us to give them the right tract to get them on the right track!


For We Wrestle Not……! (Ephesians 6:12)


I couldn’t pass this one up! I was with my two sons in the toy section on Friday night at Walmart! The position of the figure was ideal for holding a tract. I had to put four tracts in the hand to make it work. This gives a new meaning to the old announcement “Are You Ready ….. To Rumble??”.


Wally hands out tracts


Check out these videos of Wally sharing the Gospel at the West End DART. This is “As You Go” at the transit station.