Texting Tract

Tracts By Proxy


I like this definition of proxy – The ability to do or be something without actually physically doing it. I gave 5 of the Texting tracts to a man who gave my order to me  at Podnuh’s Barbecue.


I asked him to give them out to his co-workers. I’ve done this a few times with the holiday themed tracts. Sometimes when I hand we are out witnessing, I’ll ask someone to give a tract to their friend who has walked on ahead. At other times, someone will ask if they can have another tract to give to a friend or relative. This is what I call tracts by proxy. 

A Great Combination


Tracts and restaurants go great together! One of favorite things to do is place and give out tracts whenever we go out to eat. McDonald’s is always a great place to tract. After shopping a little today, we ate at the local McDonald’s. The cashier took the first tract. I gave out a few while we were waiting in line. I noticed a man who was texting. This was a perfect opportunity to use the texting tract. His name is Frank. Two employees had their phones out at a table. They liked the texting tract, also. While we were leaving, I gave tracts to 4 employees and 2 customers. Tracts and restaurants make a great combination!


A Tract Holder At A Laundry Mat


I’ve got several tract holders and baskets at three laundry mats and one convenience store. I went to restock at the West Monroe location a few weeks ago, but it was gone. I got another one at Office Depot on Thursday. It holds about 60 – 70 tracts . I placed it there on Saturday. The tracts get taken! Pray that no one will take the holder!


Balloon Evangelism


Gary, a member of the tract club,(along with his daughter and daughter-in-law) sent off 10 balloons after a birthday party. No telling where these tracts will go!





The texting tract was included in the July mailing. This is a great tract to witness with. Everywhere you go someone has a phone in hand. At several places on Wednesday night, I gave this one to people that were on their phone or had an iPhone. I told a few that this was the world’s smallest iPhone. I explained that it was a Gospel tract. Some were reading the tract as I was walking away.This is a great tract to give to young people. It can be left on cell phone displays. People can read this one to lead them to God’s great text, the Bible!