Are You a Good American

Day 150709 – The Last Good American


Since the tract club mailing had nine Fourth of July themed tracts (7 – Are You A Good American and 2 – Patriotic Bookmarks) I decided to hand them all out at the beginning of the month to be as close to July 4th as possible. While on a walk during a break at the office I handed out the last Are You a Good American tract to someone I saw walking.

Day 150708 – breakfast


Met a friend for breakfast at 6AM. The restaurant did not even look open when we arrived. We could see the cook prepping. We2015-07-08 07.08.50 were waiting outside. Then the waitress arrived and just walked over and opened the door. Funny! Since the sign said closed neither of us had even tried to open the door and go in! When the waitress seated us I gave her an Are You a Good America tract.

Also left a tract in the sugar dispenser!

Day 150707 – Sodapalooza


Walking from the car to the office this morning some workmen were backing up in their truck. I noticed one of the tail lights was out. So I got the drivers attention and then went over and told him. Then i gave him a MyCard which has the gospel on the back. He had two passengers so they each got one too!

Stopped and filled my Sodapalooza cup and gave an Are You a Good American tract to the cashier.

Day 150706 – Pizza Delivery


Today was the first Monday of the month. So we were packing the tract club envelopes for the August mailing of the tract club. The pizza delivery man received an Are You a Good American tract from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Had an amazing thing happened. While I was going out of the church to help my wife bring in things from the car, I saw a young man sitting at one of the tables outside the church. I asked if everything was ok. He said yes and indicated he had heard some good things about the church and decided to stop by. I told him that I was not affiliated with the church and that we used it for our ministry but could get him some information on the church. I helped my wife unload the car and then picked up some information on the church and took it out to him. When I went back out he was reading a Bible. So I asked “are you a Christian?” His response was “No, but my family is. I have some questions about it.” I told him that a group of us were working on packing envelopes to go in the mail but we’d be happy to talk with him and answer any questions that he had. He came inside, helped us and we had some great conversation with him. I gave him a bookmark and we exchanged contact information. Praying for the opportunity to have ongoing discussion with him.

Day 150703: Bookmarks


July 3rd was the Independence Day Holiday observed here in America. I was off work. I started the day with breakfast with a friend. At the donut shop I was able out a number of tracts to other customers including a Are You a Good American tract from the July tract club mailing. The place is Christian owned and they have allowed us to have a “tract rack” there for a couple years now. So I also restocked the rack with tracts. I was showing my friend the new MyCard tract that will be in a future mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club (enroll to get your MyCard tracts for free when they are in a future mailing). There were a couple teenagers who could here our discussion and thought it was funny. So I gave them each MyCard’s as we left.

We spent the day going to the peach farm and then to the local fireworks show. At the peach farm I gave out a number of Patriotic Bookmarks to employees and other customers.

At the fireworks I was able to distribute around 100 Patriotic Bookmarks even while we were just hanging out. Amazingly it took most of the day before finding someone with an American Flag on their hat to complete the #DailyTractChallenge.