Two Plus Two

Day 150825: Mail


Mailed my car payment along with a 2+2= tract from the August mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club. Also mailed a few business reply envelopes that had come in the mail with tracts in them as well.

Day 150822: Tacos for lunch


We stopped for tacos for lunch. I gave the cashier a 2+2= tract. These tracts are fun to give to cashiers and just say “here is a 2015-08-22 17.09.03 2015-08-22 16.37.34 2015-08-22 11.41.53little help with your math in case the cash register breaks down.” They get a little laugh and then I encourage them to read the back!

I also placed some Dallas Cowboys schedule tracts around the line where people wait to order.

In the afternoon Scott posted a challenge to the Everyday Club to hand out ten tracts before the end of the day. I was at the grocery store at the time and was able to complete the challenge there at the store, and then at the CostCo when I stopped for gas. The ten tracts went to the Cashier, the bagger, extra one for the baggers friend, one that I left on the belt that the cashier picked up and agreed to give to the next customer, two in magazines, one to another customer. At the gas pump, another customer at the gas pump, a worker at CostCo.

Day 150812: Lunch break


I have found a new and fun way to hand out the Two Plus Two card. I give it to cashiers and tell them that this is to help them with their math in case their cash register breaks down. They get a little laugh and I ask them to read the back. Did that today while picking up some lunch!

Day 150810: Coffee Stop


Stopped for coffee. Gave a 2+2= from the August Tract Club mailing to the cashier.

Day 150809: Redbox


We watched a Redbox movie last night. My wife took it back today. She put one of the Two Plus Two tracts into the disc carrier with movie and put it back into the machine.

We had to run an errand later in the day. When we stopped for gas I put several tracts into credit card slots of the gas pumps.

Day 150808: some math help


My wife, son and I went out for a snow cone treat! The cashier seemed like he was probably in high school. So I handed him a 2+1= tract and said, “here is some help for the school year.” He laughed and took it. I explained that the Gospel is on the back. He said he would read it.