Fried at the Fair

Day 150930: Tract Tracker Contest Complete


September 30th! The last day of the Tract Tracker contest. I completed my Tract Tracker by giving the last tract – a Cancer Awareness tract – to the cashier at a restaurant at lunch! I also left a Fried at the Fair tract on the table. Here is the completed form!


If you have participated in the Tract Tracker contest, now is the time to return the tracker to the ministry. You can contact us mail the form to:

Bezeugen Ministries

PO Box 117822

Carrollton, TX 75011-7822

As the contest comes to a close remember that the real goal of the tract tracker is to make witnessing a daily part of your life. You might like to join the Everyday Club mailing list or the Facebook Group. If you are not already a member of the Bezeugen Tract Club you may like to enroll to get 30 FREE Gospel tracts per month! Check the October mailing for the next tract tracker!

I gave out a few more tracts this evening when I met my wife for dinner including leaving two on the bulletin board at a restaurant.

Day 150928: West End Witnessing


Day 28 of the Tract Tracker contest. Starting the day, I have three tracts remaining from the September mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club – Cancer Awareness, Play by the Rules and a Bookmark. if you are participating be sure to complete the tract tracker and then be ready to return it to the ministry on the 30th.

2015-09-28 05.56.22

At lunch I met Craig in the Dallas West End for some witnessing. This is one of our favorite fishing holes. There are always people there milling about and waiting for the train or bus. So it is easy to approach them, hand them a tract and then share the Gospel with them.

I had an assortment of tracts with me including Fried at the Fair (which is popular this time of year with the Texas State Fair now in its first full week), Dallas Cowboys football schedule tract and a new version of the Who do you say that I AM that will be in the November mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Many people took the Cowboys schedule tracts. I had several good conversations with people with the fried at the fair tracts. Those conversations go like this. Can you name 10 things fried at the fair. Regardless if they do, then ask “can you name the Ten Commandments?” I had two teens tell me that they could not name the Ten Commandments, but one boasted that he could name 20 types of weed! They both claimed to be Christian. I reminded them that the Bible says not to be drunk, but to be full of the Holy Spirit!

I gave out the bookmark that is pictured above along with a New Testament to a young lady who listened very intently to the Gospel. After a brief conversation that started with the Fried at the Fair tract, I asked if she had read the Bible. She said no. So I asked if I could show her a couple things. She agreed. So I sat down next to her on the bench where she was sitting, opened the New Testament and walked her through the questions. She took the New Testament and bookmark and thanked me for my time!


Day 150924: State Fair Prayer Meeting


After work I drove to Fair Park for a come and go prayer meeting at the State Fair Gospel booth. For the past five years I have 2015-09-24 19.07.50brought a team of laborers to the booth to share the Gospel one day of the 24 day State Fair. This year I will lead a team on October 17th. The fair kicks off on Friday, September 25th and runs through Sunday October 18th. An estimated 3.5 million visitors will attend the fair making it the largest state fair in the country and one of the largest witnessing venues you could imagine. A booth is setup on Nimitz Blvd across the street from a row of fried food vendors and just a few hundred feet from the historic Cotton Bowl stadium. Each day during the fair people will come up to the booth to take the Million Dollar Eye test, get diagnosed by a spiritual doctor and then hear the only cure is through the life giving blood of Jesus! Please keep this outreach in your prayers.

So as I left the prayer meeting I had the chance to talk to a few people. I gave a Fried at the Fair tract to one of the vendors who was testing their food setup. I gave a football trivia tract to one of the workers sitting in a golf card. And I gave camo cards(from the September mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club) to two guys who were from IBM and working on setting up the network for the coupon sales booth.