Million Dollar Bill

A Mall + Tracts = Evangelism Adventure!


My family and I went to the mall tonight after work. The first stop was Burlington Coat Factory, where I gave Nathan a Man Card tract. He asked for another to give to his brother. It’s easy to hand out the new texting tract since just about everyone does text messaging. I gave out around 12 of these tonight. A few recipients were on there phones! (Check out the picture from the Best Buy mobile store!) I kept some million dollar bill tracts (from in my front shirt pocket. I believe the whole crew from Raising Cane’s took one when the cashier asked about them. When Chris took one, he talked about wanting to be with his deceased grand-parents in Heaven. I gave a Trivia Del Futbol tract to Santos, who said that he wasn’t a Christian. I left several tracts on the benches, counters, and at the blood pressure machine. I love going to the mall!





Tips On Using The Million Dollar Bill Tract


I received my order of million dollar bill tracts yesterday from These are great to use in witnessing! I gave out 9 at the grocery store tonight. When I hand these out, Ill say “Have you got one of these yet?” or “Here’s your first million!” At a convenience store, I gave one to a man that worked at Freds and said “Tell Freds to give you a raise!”
When they are in my front pocket, I catch people looking at them. This opens up the door to tell them what it is. When checking out at stores, I ask if they have change. Then, I explain the message and ask the employee to read
It when they get a break. There are so many ways to use the million dollar bill.

My friend, Bro. J.T., called me before church Sunday night to tell me what had happened at a restaurant that evening. He had a trillion dollar bill from Living Waters in his shirt pocket. He was talking to his attorney friend when he told him that his money was sticking out. He told him that it was a tract and gave it to him. Later, his friend came back to him after he paid for his order. He told Bro. J.T. that he had the tract with his money. The woman that was taking his money asked him what it was. He told her what it was and she said that she had a dream about that tract a week ago! The attorney gave it to her!
Try using these tracts if you haven’t yet. Along with the tracts you receive every month from the tract club, they are great ice breakers and conversation starters!

Flip Flop


Coming out of a store, there was a big basket full of flip flops. Between two of the flip flops seemed to be a great place to leave a Million Dollar Bill tract!