Mande Kalbfleisch

Mande KalbfleischMande grew up in a small suburb of Dallas where she attended Northway Christian Church. She graduated from Troy State University with a degree in Management and Marketing. She lives in Carrollton, TX with her husband, Carl, and their two sons Eric and Brendan. Mande is blessed to be able to volunteer at the boys schools, attend womens Bible studies and run the administration for Bezeugen and share her faith with others by prayer walking, cooking and evangelizing. Mande is a graduate of the Living Waters Ambassadors Academy. You can  Mande.

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  2. Linda Vawter

    Hello, I would like to receive some of your gospel cards/tracts again. I was getting them monthly for awhile and stopped until they were all used. Now I am ready to receive them again. Is it still free? I will be glad to donate as I am able like before. Thank you so much for this ministry.

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