Tracts By Proxy


I like this definition of proxy – The ability to do or be something without actually physically doing it. I gave 5 of the Texting tracts to a man who gave my order to me  at Podnuh’s Barbecue.


I asked him to give them out to his co-workers. I’ve done this a few times with the holiday themed tracts. Sometimes when I hand we are out witnessing, I’ll ask someone to give a tract to their friend who has walked on ahead. At other times, someone will ask if they can have another tract to give to a friend or relative. This is what I call tracts by proxy. 

Vanessa @ Kfc


The Thank You tract is a good way to tell someone thanks for something they have done and is good to give cashiers or servers at restuarants. Vanessa took this one at KFC. I saw her read it on her break. She said that she hoped to go to Heaven by the life she was living. Please pray for her.


“Peace On Earth!”


My 8 yr old did this one at Fred’s – Peace on Earth…!


Tracts For The Holidays


Are you ready for witnessing throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas? These two holidays offer many opportunities to share our faith! The “Give Thanks” tract is an excellent tract to give out for Thanksgiving. Four tracts were sent out in the December Bezeugen Tract Club. The Legend Of The Candy Cane was put into bookmark form, also, to be used for Christmas. Prayerfully, we can show somebody the real Reason for the season! These tracts can be ordered by going to, click on Bezeugen Gospel Tracts, and scroll down till you find the title of the tract that you want to order. Tis’ the season to keep on giving out tracts ……..As You Go!



A Few More With The “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” Tract






Using The “$1,000,000,000 Eye Test” Tract


Another tract that was in the October tract club mailing is the “$1,000,000,000 Eye Test” tract. This was modified from the first time that it came out. The front asks the question “Would you trade one of your eyes for one million dollars?”. We will be using this one at the State Fair Of Texas Gospel Outreach on Oct. 18 where we will be asking people to take the million dollar eye test. Here’s a dialogue to use when giving out this tract:
“Would you trade one of your eyes for a million dollars?
Person: “I don’t believe I would?”
“What about both eyes for one hundred million? You could see the world!”
Person: “Definitely not!”
“Your eyesight is precious, isn’t it? How much more valuable is your soul?”
Person: “It’s valuable.”
Then, you can transition into taking them through the good person test or ask them to read the back of the tract. This is a great way to get someone to think about their eternal condition…..
As You Go!


At The Grocery Store With The “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” Tract





Using The “What Happens After #YOLO?” Tract


The “What Happens After #YOLO?” tract was in the October Tract Club mailing. The idea for this tract came from asking people if they know what YOLO means. YOLO stands for “You Only Live Once”. It came from a rap song, The Motto, that was done by a Canadian rapper by the name of Drake in 2011. A lot of people live by this motto everyday. They live wild like there is no tomorrow. I started asking some if they knew what it meant.
About everyone one I asked had the right answer. Next, I would ask “What happens after YOLO?”. Most said that we die. Next, I would ask “What happens after you die?” I got answers like the after life or you get reborn. Then, I would say that this is something to think about. This is a good opportunity to take someone through the good person test.
People aren’t thinking about eternity. Let’s use this tract and others to get them thinking about “What Happens After Yolo”!


A Great Combination


Tracts and restaurants go great together! One of favorite things to do is place and give out tracts whenever we go out to eat. McDonald’s is always a great place to tract. After shopping a little today, we ate at the local McDonald’s. The cashier took the first tract. I gave out a few while we were waiting in line. I noticed a man who was texting. This was a perfect opportunity to use the texting tract. His name is Frank. Two employees had their phones out at a table. They liked the texting tract, also. While we were leaving, I gave tracts to 4 employees and 2 customers. Tracts and restaurants make a great combination!


Another Tract Display At A Laundry Mat


I worked in Ruston, La. this Tuesday. Before going to work I stopped at a laundry mat to see if I could leave a tract display out. The woman working there said that I could. She said that she is saved and was praying for direction. I invited her to join the tract club. This is the second laundry mat in two weeks where I’ve left tract displays. Charles Spurgeon said “A touching Gospel tract may be the seed to eternal life.”