As you go to the dentist


Had to go to the dentist today. On the way in there is a little counter. It even had an empty business card holder. So I put some baseball trivia tracts in it. Once in the waiting room, I stuffed tracts in the magazines.

Reading at Starbucks


While reading a book at Strarbucks, I left a tract on the table next to my chair.

Do you like baseball?


I ordered a drink at Starbucks. After paying the cashier and ptting a tip in the tip jar (he said thanks), I asked “do you like baseball” because I intended to hand him a baseball trivia gospel tract. When he said no, he did not like baseball, I grabbed a two plus two instead and said, “well how about math, then?” He said, sure and I handed him teh tract.

Meanwhile the other guy working there got my tea and handed t to me. I asked him, “do you like baseball?” He said yes and then I gave him the baseball trivia tract.

This is just a good reminder to carry several different tracts with you. If the guy does not like the tract, you can offer a different one. For example, the other day a guy handed back a “get out of hell free” tract saying, “this is not funny.” Of course, it was not intended to be funny.

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Our mission field


A member of the tract club sent me the following note and asked that I share it. It is our hope and prayer that this will encourage others to share the Gospel “as you go”…

Sometimes, we never know where our mission field, will be for that particular day!! It could be on a different continent, yet more recently it seems that it has been in the hospital. So away I went, and packed up my purse with tracts. What a privilege, just to hand someone a track, and say “If you were to die tonight, do you know where you would spend eternity???

In these recent cases it was a nurse, young fellow in a coffee shop, along with other hospital employees. In some instances, I was able to share more intimately.  But, in every case, they did not refuse a tract. On the way home from the hospital, it was late at night, and I had to stop to pick up something! I was extremely exhausted, yet the Lord nudged me to speak with this young gal.  She was so excited about this million dollar tract, I thought she was going to jump from behind the counter. Someone, had previously given another employee one, and she had desired one for herself. God is at work!!! Let us be faithful!!! To Him be the glory!!

Waiting room


You know how the doctors have all those magazine in their lobbies and waiting rooms? Well, why not put a tract in each one while you wait? It’s a great way to pass the time and plant some seeds. You never know who will be blessed by it later.



The airport is an easy place to hand out tracts. Yesterday I was dropping a friend at the airport. I went in with him to help with his bags and wait with him in the security line. I brought a stack of tracts and handed them to everyone I saw. People there were just standing around. So I gave one to each person I saw. They said thanks and read them. And I just moved on to the next person.

Try it next time you are at the airport to pick someone up, drop someone of or even going on a flight yourself. You never know the eternal impact that the tract could have on someone.

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Ring, Ring


Now you can share the gospel everywhere you go by just letting your phone ring a little longer before answering it. Download Living Water’s FREE gospel message ringtone and install it on your phone according to your manufacturerer’s instructions.
The ringtone starts off with three short beeps followed by a short version of the good test, and concluding with Download it for your phone and then pass it on to your friends!

Pizza delivery


Another simple way to share the gospel without leaving home is to give a tract to the pizza delivery guy. I did this again last night!

As you go to the door


I work from home. The door bell rang. There was a Spanish speaking man holding a small flyer stating he does yard work. He points to my lawn – which I guess needs to be mowed. I told him I do it myself. I don’t think he understood any English. So I gave him a Spanish million dollar bill. The other guy in the truck was motioning to ask if they were to get started. The first guy said “he speaks a little English.” I explained to him that I mow the lawn myself and have him a Spanish “why is this man on the cross” tract. He started reading it. I said good day with my best “buenos Dias”.
Two guys received the gospel without even leaving my house!

Business Reply


Here is a simply way to share the Gospel. Save the business reply envelopes that come in the credit card offers and other mail that you get. Periodically, put tracts in each one, seal the envelopes and put them back in the mailbox. Someone will receive the tracts! Who knows what God will do with these seeds that are scattered.