Day 6 – ATM


Here is an easy way to share a tract. Leave one at the ATM.

Day 5 – Do you have anything free?


On day 5, I was in Hollywood and Glendale with the Living Waters Ambassadors Academy. We handed out tracts in both places. However this is not the easiest place to hand out tracts because people tend to be overwhelmed by the amount of “paper” bring distributed.

Despite that, there are several things that should be considered “as you go.”

First, we had to eat lunch, so I gave an “are you lucky” tract to the cashier simply saying “you can use this card to see if your lucky.”

Second, when we were in Glendale at a large open air mall, we went to the book store to get a cup of coffer. While there we put tracts in some of the books to leave them as bookmarks.

Third, when we came out of the book store, there was a kiosk there at an open mall selling cell phone covers. The guy said, “everything is half off.”. I said, “wow that is cool.” We looked around a little. Finally, I asked, “do you have anything that is free?”. He said no. I told him that I did. He said “oh.” So I asked if he wanted to know what it is. He said “sure.”. So I told him it was eternal life. He said he needed to get back to work. I said “ok” and that I had something else he could have for free. That peaked his curiousity. So I gave him a “where will you spend eternity card” and pointed out the free book offer on the back.

In closing, although each of you may not be ready to attend the ambassadors academy, I hope these simple ways if sharing the gospel during the academy will be an encourgeent to you to share the Gospel, “as you go!”

Day 4 – Final Four Trivia


Checking out at the store. I simply handed the cashier, a young man, a final four trivia tract and said, “some basketball trivia for you.”. He said thanks and I left.

Try it. Post your experience in the comments.

Day 3 – WalMart Million


This morning I had to run to WalMart to pick up a couple of things. At the checkout, I handed the cahier a million dollar bill. She said “I already have one of those.”. So I reached back in my pocket, got out another style and handed it to her and asked if she had it. She said, “no” and took it.

I asked if she had read the message on the back. She said she had and that it was “nice.”. She said she did not belive it. Then another customer came so I left.

As I walled off I felt like I needed to tall with her a little more. So I waited until the next customer wa wrung up. I said, “you seem to be sincerely seeking the truth. I thought you might like to read a book that might answer a number of your questions. ”

She said she was interested. So I gave her a “where will you spend eternity” tract and pointed her to the web site on the back to order her own copy of Mark Cahill’s book. She thanked me and I left.

Day 3 down. Three of my tract club tracts have been handed out. How are you doing?

Are you enrolled? If not, you can request your own supply of 30 tracts per month at Bezeugen Ministries

Isn’t that luck


At the airport waiting for our plane. Across from the gate is an Irish Pub! Isn’t that lucky? I gave an “are you lucky” tract to the hostess. The manager came over and I gave her one too. Then I asked how many people were working. The hostess said eight. So I gave her tracts for each of them.

I explained to the manager that there is no such thing as luck and that God is in control of everything. She said that because of there not being luck that she had stopped going to the doctor. Now, I am not saying that is the right approach. She said “why go, I’m going to die someday anyway. ”


The segway to the gospel does not get much easier than that. She said that everyone goes to heaven. I explained that some go to heaven and some go to hell. At that she said she had to go. I encouraged her to read the back of the card. She said she would.

As You Go Shopping


While shopping for some new jeans I found a good place to leave a tract!



I’ve handed out two of my 30 tracts. Here are the remaining ones. How are you doing handing out your tracts?

Day 2 – when things go wrong


Way of the Master has an episode titled “when things go wrong” and today I experienced a mini version of that. I met a friend for lunch. As I was walking into the restaurant, two young ladies were coming out. So I asked, “are you lucky?”. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a “Get Out of Hell Free” card tract and a “Good Card” tract instead of two “Are You Lucky” tracts. They looked at me a little weird. Recovering from the moment, I merely said, “oh well, you can have a Get Out of Hell Free” card instead. They gladly took them.

Once inside, I joined my friend who was already seated at the table. Realizing that I did not have any Are You Lucky tracts on me, I was going to have to try a different tract. Since the only ones from the tract club I had with me were the “Where will you spend Eternity?” tracts I decided to ask the waitress if she liked to read. Thinking she would say yes, I could then hand her the tract and she could order a book. Great plan. Except, she said, “no, I don’t like to read. I’m dyslexic!”

Strike two!

I gave her a Get Out of Hell Free card instead.

I’d given out three tracts, but still had not handed out one of the tracts from the March mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

After lunch, I noticed two young men sitting at the table behind us. I walked over and asked, “do you like to read?” They both said, “yes!” So I gave them each a “Where will you spend eternity” tract and told them that they can order a free book from the web site on the back. They both said, “Thanks!” Then I left the restaurant.

Day 1 – Are You Lucky?


On March 1st, I was at the mall. I handed out several of the Are You Lucky cards. I’d like to share my experience with one of them.

At the Great American Cookie store they had a tray of sample cookies. As the girl at the counter offered me a sample, I said, “oh it must be my lucky day!” Then I asked if she is lucky and handed her a card so she could find out.

She put her finger on the clover. It did not change. She started to read the back and then said she would look at it more after work.

As You Go


Welcome to the As You Go blog. This blog exists in order to provide encouragement in daily evangelism “As You Go.” Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 to make disciples as you go. In order to make a disciple, first a person must repent and believe the Gospel. (Mark 1:15) We, therefore, encourage daily evangelism “as you go.” On this blog we will post regular messages with examples of how we distribute Gospel tracts and share the Gospel in daily life. If you need tracts, to hand out, then may I encourage you to enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club.