Day 150706 – Pizza Delivery

Today was the first Monday of the month. So we were packing the tract club envelopes for the August mailing of the tract club. The pizza delivery man received an Are You a Good American tract from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

Had an amazing thing happened. While I was going out of the church to help my wife bring in things from the car, I saw a young man sitting at one of the tables outside the church. I asked if everything was ok. He said yes and indicated he had heard some good things about the church and decided to stop by. I told him that I was not affiliated with the church and that we used it for our ministry but could get him some information on the church. I helped my wife unload the car and then picked up some information on the church and took it out to him. When I went back out he was reading a Bible. So I asked “are you a Christian?” His response was “No, but my family is. I have some questions about it.” I told him that a group of us were working on packing envelopes to go in the mail but we’d be happy to talk with him and answer any questions that he had. He came inside, helped us and we had some great conversation with him. I gave him a bookmark and we exchanged contact information. Praying for the opportunity to have ongoing discussion with him.