Day 150701: Challenge Accepted

11249407_1115874948427572_9052368834673298870_nFor the month of July I intend to share the Gospel every day using one of the tracts from the July mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club and complete as many of the tract challenges as possible. On this first of July, I had to go to an eye doctor appointment. The daily tract challenge was to give a tract to someone wearing a shirt with an American Flag on it. I figured a few days before the Holiday weekend how hard would that be to just walk into the eye doctors office and find somone. Nope! All the staff were dressed professionally, in scrubs, etc. Not a single one was wearing anything patriotic. None of the patients either.

Each person that helped me including the check in, tech, doctor and check out received a Thank You tract. As I left the office to go to work, a woman came down the hall wearing a red, white and blue shirt with a big star on it. So I completed the challenge by giving a Are You a Good American tract from the tract club mailing!

Coming Soon - Bezeugen Tract Club

Coming Soon – Bezeugen Tract Club

After work I met my wife for dinner. I gave out several thank you cards to the staff that helped us. Then we were off to CostCo. I got to use the MyCard (coming soon to the Bezeugen Tract Club) as I had intended and designed it. Gave out five of them to people working at CostCo. Overall it is being well received!