Day 2: Thank you at the Bank

I had to stop at the bank to deposit a check. After the cashier had completed the transaction I handed her a Thank You tract.


I also had a repair man come to my house to provide an estimate on some work. He had called about two and a half hours before the appointment to see if he could come early. However, since I was at work an hour away I was not able to meet him earlier. He told me that he spent the time playing Angry Birds! As we were wrapping up our business I asked him to wait just a minute because I had something I wanted to give him. I got him a copy of The Truth May Impact Your Opinion. I told him that next time he had some time to kill between appointments he could read this instead of playing a game. He thanked me a couple of times for the book. I’ll be seeing him again when he comes back to complete the estimate. So it will give an opportunity to ask if he has read the book.