Day 23: NASCAR Trivia

The lease on my car was up. So I was at the dealership looking for a car to replace it. After selecting the car and waiting for the paperwork, I was ouside cleaning out the old car. I walked across the parking lot and as I was walking one of the employees was coming right towards me like he needed to ask me something. I said, “are you looking for me?” He said no, but then stood there. There was kind of that awkward silence. So I asked, “do you like NASCAR?” He said he loves it. So I said, “well, then I guess you were looking for me afterall.” I pulled out a NASCAR trivia tract from the June mailing of the Bezeuegen Tract Club and handed it to him. He was excited to get it and even more thrilled to find out that it had the Gospel on the back. He thanked me for giving it to him.

I had the opportunity to share several other tracts at the dealership.