Day 26: Introduction to the bookmark

Our church had an end of VBS concert and picnic. I was greeting the kids and parents at the gate, saying hi to everyone, giving them wrist bands and pointing them in the direction of the food and the concert. It was so much fun to remind the kids that “Jesus is your Rock!”

During the concert suddenly the rain clouds rolled in and the everyone had to go inside rather suddenly. I was able to wonder around the fellowship hall and have some good conversations with a number of the people.

With one woman I offered her a New Testament and a Bible bookmark. She told me that she had a Bible at home. I said she could always give it to someone else. She said, “oh, I know someone who could use this.” So I showed her how to use the bookmark to share the Gospel with her friend. She was so excited to hear about it. She was very encouraged.

As we talked more she told me about how she and her friends were talking about going door to door to share the Gospel. I told her that that is one of the things we do in our ministry. So, looks like we have some new people to join us in reaching our city for Christ! Praise the Lord!