Day 29: Are You a Good Person

Previous to starting this current contract job I was going to the Dallas West End DART station with Craig and Arnold and some others from our ministry on a weekly basis to share the Gospel. Craig and Arnold have continued to go even while I’ve been working this contract. My office is a 30 minute drive. but today I was able to go into work early, take a longer lunch and meet Craig in the West End. It was hot, but I was blessed to be able to spend 45 minutes sharing the Gospel with a number of people. I shared the Gospel with a JW and even got him to take a New Testament and a Bible bookmark. And I got to hand out some of our newest tract designs. Hopefully my schedule will allow me to go back more regularly than the nearly 9 months it had been since going d2015-06-29 12.53.47own there to share the Gospel!

As I walked back to my car I shared an “Are You a Good Person” tract from the June mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club.

On the way back to work I had to stop for gas. I put one of our new tract designs into the gas pump at the 7-11! If