I went to Walmart today to pick up a few items. So with tracts in hand, I entered the store. Near the front of the store, a man was riding in one of those electric carts provided for assistance. I noticed the charging cord was dragging behind the cart. I bent over and picked up the cord and attached it to the back of his seat. He said thanks. I handed him a tract and said, “this is for you.” He looked at me with a look on wonder. So I said, “it a Gospel tract.” He said thanks.

One tract down!

As I told the man it was a gospel tract, I heard a woman standing nearby say, “I want one.” So I gave her a tract too.

Two tracts down.

Moving on from there, I walked past where a there is a bank inside of the Walmart. The two people standing there were giving out a little information on the bank. I declined to open an account, but since they had given me something (a piece of paper with info and a piece of candy), I told them it is only right that I give them something in return. So I gave them each Gospel tracts. I tried to engage them in conversation, but they would not have anything to do with it since they were working.

Three Four tracts down.

Walking around the store, I was unable to find the bagels. Finally, I asked someone who worked there. She pointed in the direction where the bagels are stored. I said thanks and handed her a tract.

Five tracts down.

I walked down the soda aisle and put a few tracts into the soda boxes. You do know that that little slot on the 12 packs was put there to put tracts into, right?!?

Six Ten tracts down!

After checking out, I gave a tract to the cashier.

Eleven tracts distributed in just a few minutes. You can do this too!

Celebrate Freedom


Today being July 3rd, people all around town were in the mood for 4th of July festivities. This afternoon we went out to lunch and then to CostCo to get water bottles for this evenings outreach. Just going to the restaurant for lunch I gave a Celebrate Freedom tract to the cashier and several to people in the restaurant. Same thing at CostCo. Just walk up to anyone whether they work there or are shopping and say “Happy 4th of July” and hand them a tract. Every one said thanks!

Even when it’s not a holiday, just ask people “did you get one of these” and hand them a tract. Most will take it and most will say “thank you”. You may never know (this side of heaven) the effect of that seed being planted!

At the office



A friend of mine works at one of those shared office space buildings. I edit to meet him today. In the lobby there is a table. On the table was three stacks of tracts from the tract club. You can do this too. Whether it is your office or a doctors office, at a hospital or a hotel, there are tables all around. Join the tract club and hand out tracts as you go.



An easy way to witness at a hotel is to leave a tract for the maid. We stayed at a that had a cleaning person coming. So we left a million dollar bill tract with a note of thanks on the bathroom counter for them.



An easy way to share the gospel on the airplane is to leave tracts in the magazines in the seat pockets.

The beach


Today while walking on the beach I had a number of chances to hand out some tracts. I gave one to the life guard and asked him to check it out after work so that he would not be distracted from his job. I had taken a bike from the condo down to the beach. To get back, I had to carry the bike up a set of over 150 stairs. Fortunately there were some landings along the way to rest. As I rested, I’d wait for the next person that was coming down the stairs. When they got to me, I’d hand them a tract and ask “did you get one of these?” Of course most asked what it was. By the time I got to the top of the stairs, I had had about five different one on one conversations.

On of the tracts that we have says on the front “To reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please dispose of this card.” I handed one of these tracts to a man. He looked at it and even read the back. He said, “I don’t want to throw it away or keep it, so here” and he handed it back. This reminded me of the lyrics to Freewill by Rush that says “Even if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” It seems this man thought he was not rejecting Christ because he was giving the card back. But, I submit that he knew what he was doing. I pray that as his head hits the pillow tonight that he is tormented by the thought that he rejected Jesus today and then will call out for forgiveness and repent and trust the savior.



Yesterday we went to Legoland, CA. I brought a supply of tracts with me. I gave them to most of the staff I came in contact with and some of the guests.
At one restaurant, a sports theme, where we ate lunch, the waiter offered us baseball cards. When he came back with them, I also gave him some baseball trivia.
The Million Dollar Bills were popular with the guests. And easy to hand out. Simply say, “here you might need some extra money to pay the bill.” They would laugh and take the tract and I would ask them to read the back.
One gal that worked there got a tract after she taught the mind storms class. She said her Dad is always interested in tracts so I gave her several more to give to him.
Around the end of the evening we were browsing in one of the shops. A guy came up and asked me where I got me “Where will you spend Eternity” shirt. I explained that we had a ministry and made the shirts ourself. I gave him my card and some tracts and told him to contact me if he’d like a shirt. He was a believer too.
Fun day at the park and the Gospel went out!

Not Just Brakes, but tracts too!


I went into Just Brakes to pick up my car the other day. When I got to the counter, I noticed one of our Easter Gospel tracts near the register. I asked if my wife had given him that when she dropped the car off. He said, no. Another customer had given it too him just a couple of minutes before. He gave me her name. Sure enough, she is a member of our tract club! He said, she left them in the waiting area too. As I left, I noticed that there was a tract (from our tract club) on each of the chairs in the waiting area.

Are you in the tract club? If not, why not sign up today and start handing out tracts every day!

Tract holders




Some restaurants have nice tract holders right on the table. I like to leave a tract behind when I see them. Here are two examples.

As you go to the dentist


Had to go to the dentist today. On the way in there is a little counter. It even had an empty business card holder. So I put some baseball trivia tracts in it. Once in the waiting room, I stuffed tracts in the magazines.