October 31 – Halloween


Being out of town for at least the third year in a row meant we could not hand out tracts to the neighborhood children when they came to trick or treat. Instead, I saved my last Halloween “Great Pumpkin” tract and gave it to one of the workers at Dave and Busters while we were there.

This concludes handing out the Bezeugen Tract Club tracts every day (but one since there are 31 days and only 30 tracts) in the month of October. I hope these ideas have been helpful and encouraging to you to go and share the Gospel “as you go”.

October 30 – Riverwalk


We were in San Antonio for my son’s High School marching band contest. Between preliminaries and finals performances we went to the river walk for lunch. I gave a “reject Jesus” tract to the waitress when paying the bill.

October 29 – root beer



One of my favorite places to leave tracts is in six packs of beer and soda. This pack of root beer got a football trivia tract.

October 25-28


Monday, October 25 – We were downtown Dallas in the West End for witnessing at lunch time. Gave out a number of Football Trivia, Baseball Trivia and Halloween tracts as well as having a number of one on one conversations.

Tuesday, October 26 – Left a tract in the gas pump when I filled up my car with gas.

Wednesday, October 27 – I met a friend for lunch. Gave the waitress a “reject Jesus” tract with the tip.

Thursday, October 28 – We went to Brookhaven College at lunch time. Handed out a number of tracts including Halloween and Football Trivia.



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October 20 – 24


Sometimes I fall behind in my blogging of handing out a tract each day “as I go”. Rather than try to post each individual post, I thought I’d hit a summary. I have handed out at least one tract every day.

Wednesday (20th) – met Todd for lunch at the mall. Gave out tracts to a number of people at the mall. Baseball trivia tracts are especially popular. But also gave out a couple of the Reject Jesus tracts that were in the tract club mailing.

Thursday (21st) – we went downtown Dallas at lunch. Handed out about 250 baseball trivia tracts. Also gave out a few of the Reject Jesus tracts from the tract club mailing.

Friday (22nd) – gave a tract to the cashier at lunch

Saturday (23rd) – gave a tract to the cashier at the grocery store. Also put tracts in the beer and soda at the store. Gave out Baseball Trivia tracts to people in the store and outside the store.

Sunday (24th) – gave a tract to the cashier when I met a friend for a shake.

How are you doing with handing out a tract or sharing the Gospel with someone each day? Please post comments with your experiences!

October 19 – without leaving home


UPS delivery came after dinner. We get a lot of UPS deliveries for the ministry. But, I did not recognize this guy. And when I asked how his day was, he started quoting scripture about how great the Lord is! WOW!

I gave him a tract. And then showed him the four boxes of 5k tracts each that were delivered yesterday. Then I gave him a few more tracts as samples of what we were receiving in shipments. He said, “I’ll be sure to hand these out!”

October 18 – West End


If you follow our weekly newsletter the Bezeugen Blast, you know that the DART station at the Dallas West End is one of my favorite fishing holes. On Monday we met there for lunch. Handed out a number of tracts including a Reject Jesus tract from the tract club mailing.

October 17 – just chillin’


Spent the day chillin’ out. No tracts distributed.

There are however, 31 days in October and only 30 tracts in the tract club mailing to hand out.

October 16 – pizza


Went for pizza for lunch. Left a Halloween Great Pumpkin tract with the tip!