Day 3 – a curious man


I met Todd at the mall for lunch and then we talked to some people and shared the Gospel. Probably had at least a dozen conversations and handed out even more tracts than that. I want to focus on just one conversation.

We were at a kiosk where they sell personal massage units that do deep muscle massage with electric pulses. It is similar to a TENS unit. They put the unit on me and show me how it works. Feels pretty good. But I told them I was not interested.

So I ask one of the guys there, “what do you think happens when you die?” He had no real strong opinions either way and said, “when I die, I’ll let you know.” So I took him to the commandments which he admitted to breaking the fourth, seventh and ninth. But then he said he was not subjected to them because he is not of the tribes. Turns out he is from Israel. But, not religious. I tried to explain that everyone will be subject to the judgment. But he dismissed it.

So I asked to have the massager removed from my back and turned to Todd so that we could leave. When I did, he got very interested in what we were talking about. He started asking “what kind of Christian are you” and “where do you go to church?” We explained that there is only one universal church of which Christ is the head. We asked him to read the Bible, starting with Matthew and he said he would check it out.

It was very interesting, that the conversation was seemingly going no where until I excused myself, then he got very interested. I pray that he will read Matthew, then the New Testament. But, above all, I pray that God will save him.

Day 2 – Spanish Tracts


I actually thought that I was out of Spanish tracts, but then the other day I had found some in my bag. Today we had our First Thursday Day of Prayer at City Hall in Carrollton, TX. Afterward we were going to eat at a Mexican restaurant, so I brought the Spanish tracts along.

As the prayer meeting ended, we noticed a Hispanic man, a city worker, standing nearby. I went over to him. He started apologizing because apparently he had made some noise while we were praying. I actually had not heard anything. Todd and I shared the Gospel with him and gave him one of the Spanish tracts. He had a church background but was unsaved, by our understanding of what he told us. His partner came while we were talking to him and we gave him a tract too.

At the Mexican restaurant I gave Spanish tracts to the owner and also the gal serving the food. Todd has been frequenting this restaurant for years. So he had already witnessed to the people working there. When we were leaving the restaurant, I gave a Bucket List tract to one of the other customers there.

Day 2 down – five tracts handed out. And we have a trip to the store coming up after dinner, so who knows how many more tracts might go out today!

Day 1 – two for one


During the month of September, we have challenged Bezeugen Tract Club members to hand out a tract every day and then comment on how they did it. You may feel free to post your comments to this blog entry here, or go to the Bezeugen Tract Club Facebook fan page and post your comments there.

Day 1
I went out to lunch. At the restaurant I had a couple extra minutes before I meet the rest of my party. So I went to the hostess and asked if she could name ten beers and handed her a “name ten beers” tract. She said that she could not. I made light of it saying, “there is a bar right over there.” She laughed. Then one of the waiters came over and she handed the tract to him. I gave her a second one.

He said he could name ten beers and proceeded to do it. Then he named five of the Ten Commandments. After being stumped for a few minutes, he asked me what the other five were, so I told him.

He and I had a nice conversation. He was raised in the church, is soundly saved and is still active in his church today. She was very quiet during this discussion. However, she heard the Gospel out loud as well as having the tract to read.

Day one is down. Two tracts out!



I thought it might be fun to just track the tracts I handed out today and report on it here. Please feel free to leave a comment which how you handed out tracts in a day.

1) we ate lunch at Qdoba so I gave a Get out of Hell free tract to the cashier

2) I spent a few hours working from Starbucks. Gave a Bucket List tract to the cashier.

3) Put a 2+2 tract on the community bulletin board.

4) Gave Get out of Hell Free tracts to two guys that were sitting near me

5) went to the grocery store to get something for my wife. Gave a Get Out of Hell free card to the guy behind me in line

6) gave another get out of hell free card to the cashier

7) gave a name ten beers tract to the guy working in the parking lot who was collecting the carts

That’s seven tracts in one day just handing them out as I came across people. You can do it too. Need some tracts? Enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club and we will send you 30 tracts per month and the encouragement to hand them out! Need more tracts than that? You can order any of our tracts in bulk!




At the store looking at netbook computers I typed a gospel message into wordpad for the next shopper to find.




There is a gas station chain here near my house called RaceTrac. This summer they offered a promotion where you by a reusable cup and get free refill for until a certain date. We stop by whenever we pass near one of these stations to get something to drink.

It seems a little weird to use this cup because you can actually just walk in, fill your cup and then leave. You don’t even have to go to the cashier to check out.

What I have started doing is going to the register or any employee and saying, “you gave me something free now I must give you something free too.”

I hand them a gospel tract and briefly explain what it is pointing them to the message on the back. Sometimes it leads to a deeper discussuon. Otherwise not. That’s ok. The purpose is to honor God and share the Gospel.

Every time I’ve tried this the person receiving the tract says “thanks”

Perhaps you have a RaceTrac nearby or some other place doing the same thing. Even if not you can do the same kind of thing even when buy a drink.



I put a couple tracts on the community bulletin board.

I put a couple tracts on the table where the sugar and milk are. Customers slowly took them.

I gave one to the cashier.

On the internet


Most of the posts on this blog have been about how to witness “as you go” when you actually leave your house. But, what about if you don’t go any place. Are you “going” on the Internet? Well, you can witness there too. Here is an easy way. Put a signature on your email which provides the Gospel. Here is an easy way. Put the following in your signature in your email:

your name

Are you a good person?

Be sure to check the link. You’ll find a great new video version of the “good person comic” tract put together by Living Waters. The link on the web site also provides the opportunity for non-believers to request a free resource.

Gas station


Whenever I get gas for my car I put tracts in the slot for the credit card. Today there were three guys filling up the tank of a rental truck. I gave them each tracts. They read them on the spot.

Electronics Store


When I go to the Apple Store or other electronics stores that have internet access on their computers, I like to go to several of the computers and pull up, or one of our preaching videos at This way when the next person comes to use one of these computers or iPads or iPhones, they will see the Gospel message.

Recently, Christie, sent me a note that she is doing similar things:

Today at Best Buy it occurred to me that I could keep a gospel file on my e-mail site. While playing with their computers, I could cut and paste my e-mail into an iPad Note or other such program. When people are playing around with it, they may encounter the Gospel!

I hope you like these ideas. Just more ways to share the Gospel “As You Go!”