Day 26 – NCAA Trivia


I just boarded my flight. One of the airline baggage handlers was standing by the door to the plane. I handed him a “Final Four” trivia tract. He said thanks. The guy in front of me said “my team is playing tonight.” Turns out he is a Michigan state alum. So he got a trivia tract too!

Day 25 – New Haven


In addition to meeting fellow academy #13 alum, Stan, for dinner and a night of witnessing, I also gave out some tracts in what I’d consider “as you go.” for instance at lunch, I left the waitress a “microwave oven” tract. I also handed a number of tracts to the people I saw waiting in line at the resaurant for dinner.

Leaving tracts on a table


Here is an easy way to share the Gospel “as you go.” At my hotel, there is a small table in the entrance way to my room. Each time I pass by I make sure there are a few tracts there. People pick them up. Then I replenish the stock.

Day 24 – Microwave Oven


I left a Microwave Oven trivia tract with the waitress when paying the bill at lunch.



We ate breakfast at the same restaurant as yesterday. When the check came, the waitress brought the afterlifecatalog pen that I had left when I paid the bill yesterday. The colleague I am in training with said, “what do you think this web site is about?” I told him that I had left the pen the day before and that it is my web site! Great opportunity not only with him. But makes one realize that these pens get seen, and get people thinking about eternity.

Day 23 – The last lucky tract


I think I am finally out of “Are you lucky” tracts. I know I have reported this several times. Since I keep tracts in various pockets of jackets, when I change jackets I sometimes find more tracts. Then I found a stack of Are You Lukcy tracts at our church and handed those out.

Going back to my pack of 30 tracts from this months tract club mailing, I have seven tracts left and none of them are “Are you lucky” tracts! So, I do beleive I am finally out of them.

So what happened to the last one? At breakfast this morning, I left it for the waitress when I paid my bill along with one of the last of the AfterLifeCatalog pens!

Day 22 – Final Four Trivia


How are you doing on handing out tracts from your Bezeugen Tract Club mailing each day? If you are not yet enrolled, you may like to do so online.

Today I went into the store to pick up a couple of snacks. At the check out, I asked the cashier if he was following the NCAA Tournament. He said, “no, not really.” I handed him a Final Four Trivia Tract and said, “this might help gain some interest.”

In hindsight, based on his answer, I might have been better off to give him a different tract.

Today I also left tracts for the cashier / waitresses at breakfast and lunch.

Day 21 – snack bar


I picked up a snack. When I paid the cashier gave me change. So I handed her am “are you lucky” tract and said “here is a gift for you.” She said thanks and took the tract.

How are you doing handing out your monthly supply of tracts? I pray that this blog is an encouragement to hand out tracts as you go. If you need tracts then please enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club

Day 20 – at the mall


I handed out a number of tracts today. After dinner we went to the mall. And I handed out a number of them there. One in particular comes to mind. We were walking through one store and the cashier looke really bored. So I went over and offered her a “are you lucky tract” and said “you look bored, this should help break up the boredom.”. She tool it and immediately began checking it out.

One note of warming. In many malls, if you walk around handing out tracts to the masses they may ask you to stop. On this occassion the mall was busy and we were leaving so I handed out alot of tracts on the way out. For more on mall witnessing see the Bezeugen BLOG.

Day 19 – breakfast


At breakfast at the hotel. I gave “are you lucky” tracts to five other hotel guests that were eating in the breakfast area. Each checked to see if they are lucky and then read the back!