Ate at Frrebirds. Tract fits nicely in the ad on the table.

Flat tire


At the mall, a car in the parking lot had a flat tire. So I wrote a note telling the owner about the flat tire and left the note and a gospel tract on the car window.

Millions for Everyone


Ordered lunch at The Paradise Bakery at the mall. I gave a million dollar bill tract to the cashier. She looked at it and gave it back. I said it was a gift and gave to her again. So she showed it to the manger. The manager offered to give it back again. So I said it is a gift. Please keep it and check the message on the back. Then I asked the manager how many people were working there today. She counted and said “four more.”. So I gave her four more millions to give to each one.

As I was waiting for my food the manager came back over. Turns out heh

As you give directions


We ate at a new hamburger place that we had never been too. I gave tracts to each of the employees there. Afterwards we were getting in the car when a truck pulled up with a guy asking for directions. I gave him directions and he said thanks. Then I gave him a “get out of hell free” card tract. He said thanks and then drov off.

Furniture shopping


We are thinkng about buying a new sofa. So tonight we went to several stores to look at options. After getting helped, I gave each salesperson a gospel tract. Had short conversations with several of the sales people.

One man looked at it and said, “is this from Ray Comfort?” now most tracts I use are from our own ministry, but this particular million dollar bill was from Living Waters so I said, “yes.”. He said, “I do that too!” Turns out he has been witnessing for the last three years. We exchanged contact information so we can go out and share the gospel together.

Without leaving home


We call it “as you go” which implies that you have to go somewhere. However, today, I was able to hand out a tract without even leaving home.

The doorbell rang. My wife answered. A man gave her a business card advertising his lawn mowing service. She asked if I had a Spanish tract handy. So I grabbed one off the shelf, went down the front steps, called the man and gave him the tract.

He did not speak English, so I was not able to share with him. But I did get the gospel into his hand without even leaving home.

My suggestion to you is to keep a supply of tracts handy near your door. There are many times when people come to the door and when you have the tracts handy, you can give them one.

Heaven or Hell?


I posted this story in the Bezeugen Blog. I thought it was also a nice “as you go” story so I am posting it here as well.

I was at the mall at lunch with a couple of friends sharing the Gospel. One friend had ridden to the mall with me. As we were leaving, he was saying how we see so many people and we don’t even know if they are going to heaven or hell. As we walked out through one of the department stores towards the parking lot, he said, “for instance, there are three women over there and we don’t know if they are going to heaven or hell.”

So I pulled some tracts out of my pocket and I went over and asked them. I walked up and said, “my friend and I were just discussing that we see all these people around here and we don’t know if they are going to heaven or hell. So I thought I’d tell you how to get to heaven.” With that, I simply handed them each a Gospel tract. They said thanks. Two of the three started immediately reading the tracts. The other put them down. Since they were all working, I said goodbye. They thanked me for stopping!

Interesting Experience


We went to play racquetball last night at the recreation center. I handed the worker at the check in counter our membership cards and a tract. He handed the tract back. I said that he could keep it. He said, “sir it’s a business card.” I said, “please keep it, it’s a gospel tract.” He kept it and immediately started reading it.

After our racquetball game I had a chance to talk to him again. He said he read it and agreed with it.

Walking the dog is a good time to share the Gospel


A friend of mine is in the hospital. While she is there, I’ve been walking her dog. At the apartment complex there is a small pond with a sidewalk that goes around it. This makes for just the right length wall for CQ.

While walling CQ yesterday I came across a couple sittin on a bench talking. We chatted for a few minutes. Then I asked “do you like good news first, or bad news?” He said either was fine so I handed them each good news bad news tracts.

As we talked they said they were both believers an told me of their conversions. We had a nice time of fellowship in the Lord.

Expired Sticker


While out for a walk, I noticed a car that had an expired inspection sticker. I wrote a quick note to the owner and left it on the windshield with a Gospel Tract.

You can do this too? How easy would it to be to carry a small pad of paper and a few tracts while you walk around the block. When you see an expired sticker write a note and leave it with a tract.

I mist thank Steve for this idea. This was my first time to try it out.