Day 19 – breakfast


At breakfast at the hotel. I gave “are you lucky” tracts to five other hotel guests that were eating in the breakfast area. Each checked to see if they are lucky and then read the back!

Day 18 – traveling


We were traveling to Oklahoma to visit my mom. At one rest stop I handed a million dollar bill tract to the guy in front of me in line for a rest room and said, “I’ll give you a million dollars for your spot in line.”. He laughed, took the tract and read it while standing in line. I also gave out another five tracts to people who were curious.

I also put a tract on the bulletin board outside of the restaurant.

At dinner I put two “are you lucky” tracts on a mirror at a restaurant.

I got one envelope returned from the March mailing of the tract club. Now I have even more St Patricks tracts to hand out! Please, if you move let us know your new address so we can send your tracts. Or if you no longer want tracts from us let me know that too.

To enroll in the Bezeugen Tract Club please visit

Day 17 – Without leaving home


Without leaving home, I was able to share a tract this morning! What? Yes, that is right. I was mailing some paperwork in to take care of some personal business. So I put an “are you lucky” tract in the envelope with the paperwork.

A few nights ago, I did a similar thing with my Census paperwork. After completing the census form, before sealing the envelope, I included a couple of Obama Million Dollar Bills plus our new Crucifix tract in both English and Spanish.

Census form with tracts

Day 16 – Starbucks


I went into Starbucks and ordered a cup of tea. While one employee was fixing my cup of tea I asked the other if they were celebrating St Patrick’s Day? They said no. But, I still asked if they were lucky and handed them an “are you lucky” tract. He immediately put his thumb on the clover to see. Meanwhile the other employee came back with the tea. I asked her the same question. She said she celebrated St Pat’s last year, but was not even sure when it is this year. I told her it is tomorrow and handed her a tract. As I left they were both reading the back of the tracts.

Day 15 – Lucky at Chik-fil-A


We were at the mall eating lunch at Chik-fil-a. I had already ordered and given the cashier a tract. While waiting for my order, another cashier asked if he could help me. I told him, “I’ve already ordered, but you can have one of these” and handed him an “are you lucky” tract. He smiled and said thanks!

The point here is like Peter wrote, “always be prepared.” I could have just as easily said, “no” or something. But by making the most of that couple of seconds, I at least was able to give him a Gospel tract that he could read.

While at the mall, we gave a “Get out of hell free” card to one guy. Later, while talking with some teens, he walked by and asked if he could have some more of them. We, of course, gave him as many as he wanted to go and hand out.

Later we were talking with one of the employees at the Verizon kiosk. We had just gotten to the point in the conversation of explaining that Jesus had paid his fine and handed him a Million Dollar Bill tract. Just then his co-worker came back into the kiosk. So I gave him a Million Dollar Bill tract too. The co-worker sat down and read the entire tract while we were finishing up the conversation with the first guy. Then I asked the second guy, what he thought of the tract. That lead to an opportunity to have a discussion and share the Gospel with him. It was really great to see that people read the tracts we give them!

Day 14 – Pizza Inn


After church, my family and I went to Pizza Inn for lunch. I asked the cashier if she was lucky. She said she was not sure. So I handed her an “are you lucky” tract. She checked it out. As she was looking at it the other cashier and the manager were both interested, so I gave them each one too.

When I hand these tracts out, I like to make people laugh and show them how ridiculous luck is all at the same time. I tell them that although the card says if they are lucky the clover will turn gold, I figure that if they are really lucky a pot of gold will appear. They laugh and it lightens the mood.

Then I like to share that there is no such thing as luck. The ultimate thing is that if they are banking on luck to get to heaven then they really need to read the card.

Day 13 – Final Four


We ate dinner out at a fast food restauarant. I asked the cashier if he was interested in the NCAA basketball tournament. He said yes. So I gave him a Final Four Trivia tract.

Day 12 – bulletin board


Today is Day 12. I met some friends for breakfast. After breakfast, on the way out of the restauarant I left an “are you lucky” tract in the bulletin board.

Day 11 – one on one


Today while at the mall we had a wonderful one on one conversation with Jose. He was ripe to hear the Gospel. When I asked if he was good enough to go to heaven he said, “no” yet he also did not know how to get to heaven.

I reviewed the Ten Commandements with him to be sure he understood the Law and sin. Then I explained the good news of the Gospel using a million dollar bill to explain the payment was more than he could afford.

Afterwards I gave him a Spanish tract so he could review it. I also gave him a “where will you spend eternity” and encouraged him to get Mark’s book One Heartbeat Away.

How are you doing? Are you handing out your tract each day?

Day 10 – Post Office


I had to go to the post office to mail some tracts to new tract club members. Since I had a nunber of envelopes that were all the same, the clerk asked me what I was mailing.

Wow! What a great segway to the Gospel.

So I said, “gospel tracts!” and reached in my pocket and handed her an Are You Lucky tract. She immediately read the front and then turned it over. Realizing there was a lot to read she set it aside and said she would check it out after work.

Now I realize that unless you were mailing multiple envelopes of tracts, the exact scenario might not apply. However, with any number of questions in a short dialog with the clerk you too could leave a tract with the postal clerk.

On a side note, at the post office, they ask if the packages contain anything fragile or harmful. I could say something like, “no, contents may prevent eternal death” or “no, contents promote life!”