Day 25 – Wendy’s


Went through the drive thru at Wendy’s. Gave a tract to the cashier and also to the person who served the food.

Day 24 – Brookhaven College


Todd, Stephen and I met at Brookhaven College over lunch time to witness to the kids there. I brought about 60 bottles of water that were handed out with tracts in less than 30 minutes. We also had a number of great one on one conversations. Several of the kids were genuinely ready to repent and receive Christ. We probably handed out over 100 tracts, plus about 30 copied of The Board on DVD and some New Testaments.

Will make a plan to go back soon.

Day 23 – lunch time at the mall


Craig and I met at the mall for lunch. I ate at one of the restaurants in the food court that we don’t normally frequent. That gave me the opportunity to hand tracts to the two people that work there. I gave them “Good Cards“. The woman said, “it didn’t change.” They both read the back and thanked me for giving them the tracts.

We had several great conversations with people at the mall. Alan listened intently as Craig presented the entire Law and Gospel to him. He asked some good questions showing he was engaged in the conversation. We encouraged him to repent and get right with God. I shared a story with him about a boy in our church and son’s school who passed away the other night and reminded Alan that we never know what day will be our last.

Day 22 – I got to go to the dentist


Today I got to go to the dentist. Just a regular cleaning appointment. But, did you notice that I said “got to?” That is something I learned from Mark Cahill in One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven. If you have not read Mark’s book(s) I highly recommend it (them). Mark mentions in the book that as a Christian we no longer need to think like “I have to give” or “I have to go to church” but rather “I get to …”

With that in mind, when I go to the dentist, I also get to hand out some tracts there. So, going to the dentist becomes a good thing in terms of the chance to share the Gospel.

I think I have already given tracts to just about everyone that works there at the dentists office. My two favorite places to leave tracts there are

  1. On the table outside of the door to the office
  2. In the magazines in the waiting room

So I left at least 8-10 tracts at the dentists office today!

Day 21 – soap dispenser


Today was a day that I hardly left the house except to have a business dinner with my company. So, I left a couple of Dallas Cowboys Football Trivia tracts on the soap dispensers in the restroom!

Day 20 – malls


Had lunch and dinner at two different malls! Weird, I know! At lunch we meet up to do some witnessing. I got to use the Pocket Lie Detector again. And we had some great one on one conversations. Handed out at least a half dozen tracts.

At dinner time we met up with out prayer team at another mall and had dinner, fellowship and a time of prayer for the ministry. We handed out a few tracts and left tracts on the table after dinner.

Day 19 – a few tracts


Got to hand out a few tracts today. One at sonic when I picked up lunch. And another with the tip at dinner!

A note


Last night while walking through a parking lot I noticed a car had a flat

Note and tract

Note and Tract

tire. I went back to my car, got a piece of paper and wrote a note for the owner. Then I put the note and a tract on their driver side window. This is a simple way to share the Gospel while helping someone out at the same time.

Day 18 – Sonic

Football Trivia

Football Trivia Tract in the credit card slot at Sonic

On my trip to Sonic to get a cup of sweat tea I left a football trivia tract in the credit card slot.

Gave tracts to three employees in the automotive department that helped me. Also gave a tract to the cashier at Walmart. There was a group doing a fundraiser at the door of Walmart. So I went to the customer service to ask how to do the same since we’ve been wanting to have a pray table and have never gotten a return call from the manager. So I got the number of the person to talk too. Then I gave another tract to the guy working the customer service counter.

Day 18 – the man with a broken leg


As many of you know, I am training to run a marathon in December. This morning the training plan included a ten mile run. I choose a route that took me along a walking/biking trail for about half the mileage. As I reach about the 8 mile mark on my run, I came across a woman who did not speak much English. She pointed to a man laying the in the grass. I asked if he was ok, but like I said she did not speak much English, so it was not really clear if he was OK or not.

I went to the man and asked him if he was ok. He said he had twisted his ankle and that since he lived close by he thought he could make it home. I asked if I could pray for him and he said yes. We had a short discussion about the Gospel and he confessed that he believed Jesus had died for him and that he had put his trust fully in Christ.

I prayed for him. He was thankful and then started to put his show back on. As he did, we noticed that his ankle was swelling bad. He was in extreme pain just trying to put his shoe on. I told him I would get some ice. So I went up to the street and jogged down to the next intersection where there was a restaurant who gave me a bag of ice for him.

When I got back he was laying in the grass saying that the pain was so bad he did not think he could walk. He asked me to call for help.

I went back up to the street and tried to flag down a car. Amazingly standing in the right hand lane waving my hands wildly, at least ten cars passed before someone stopped. They rolled down their window and I told them I thought a man had a broken leg and asked them to call an ambulance. I went back to the man, whose name is Nelson, and told him that help was on the way.

About a minute later, two police cars were there. Turns out the man that had stopped was also an off duty police officer. It amazes me that no one else had stopped.

Anyway, these men clearly had the situation under control and my wife was expecting me at certain check points. So I told Nelson good bye and finished my run.

Please pray for his healing. Even though I was unable to hand out a tract, the Gospel was shared verbally. Perhaps God will lead you to an opportunity to serve someone today. And in the process you can tell them that you are able to serve them because of what Christ has already done for you.