Pizza delivery


Another simple way to share the gospel without leaving home is to give a tract to the pizza delivery guy. I did this again last night!

As you go to the door


I work from home. The door bell rang. There was a Spanish speaking man holding a small flyer stating he does yard work. He points to my lawn – which I guess needs to be mowed. I told him I do it myself. I don’t think he understood any English. So I gave him a Spanish million dollar bill. The other guy in the truck was motioning to ask if they were to get started. The first guy said “he speaks a little English.” I explained to him that I mow the lawn myself and have him a Spanish “why is this man on the cross” tract. He started reading it. I said good day with my best “buenos Dias”.
Two guys received the gospel without even leaving my house!

Business Reply


Here is a simply way to share the Gospel. Save the business reply envelopes that come in the credit card offers and other mail that you get. Periodically, put tracts in each one, seal the envelopes and put them back in the mailbox. Someone will receive the tracts! Who knows what God will do with these seeds that are scattered.


Million for your cart?


Here is an easy way to hand out tracts while being helpful at the same time. I was at Wal-Mart. Someone is about done unloading their cart and putting the groceries in their car. I walk over and say, “I’ll give you a million for your cart” and offer them a million dollar bill tract. They thank me and take the tract. I ask them to read the back and take the cart back to the corral. Might need to plan a couple hours to serve people this way.

Gas station


Business card tracts are perfect for leaving at the gas pump for the next customer!



Ate at Frrebirds. Tract fits nicely in the ad on the table.

Flat tire


At the mall, a car in the parking lot had a flat tire. So I wrote a note telling the owner about the flat tire and left the note and a gospel tract on the car window.

Millions for Everyone


Ordered lunch at The Paradise Bakery at the mall. I gave a million dollar bill tract to the cashier. She looked at it and gave it back. I said it was a gift and gave to her again. So she showed it to the manger. The manager offered to give it back again. So I said it is a gift. Please keep it and check the message on the back. Then I asked the manager how many people were working there today. She counted and said “four more.”. So I gave her four more millions to give to each one.

As I was waiting for my food the manager came back over. Turns out heh

As you give directions


We ate at a new hamburger place that we had never been too. I gave tracts to each of the employees there. Afterwards we were getting in the car when a truck pulled up with a guy asking for directions. I gave him directions and he said thanks. Then I gave him a “get out of hell free” card tract. He said thanks and then drov off.

Furniture shopping


We are thinkng about buying a new sofa. So tonight we went to several stores to look at options. After getting helped, I gave each salesperson a gospel tract. Had short conversations with several of the sales people.

One man looked at it and said, “is this from Ray Comfort?” now most tracts I use are from our own ministry, but this particular million dollar bill was from Living Waters so I said, “yes.”. He said, “I do that too!” Turns out he has been witnessing for the last three years. We exchanged contact information so we can go out and share the gospel together.