Heaven or Hell?


I posted this story in the Bezeugen Blog. I thought it was also a nice “as you go” story so I am posting it here as well.

I was at the mall at lunch with a couple of friends sharing the Gospel. One friend had ridden to the mall with me. As we were leaving, he was saying how we see so many people and we don’t even know if they are going to heaven or hell. As we walked out through one of the department stores towards the parking lot, he said, “for instance, there are three women over there and we don’t know if they are going to heaven or hell.”

So I pulled some tracts out of my pocket and I went over and asked them. I walked up and said, “my friend and I were just discussing that we see all these people around here and we don’t know if they are going to heaven or hell. So I thought I’d tell you how to get to heaven.” With that, I simply handed them each a Gospel tract. They said thanks. Two of the three started immediately reading the tracts. The other put them down. Since they were all working, I said goodbye. They thanked me for stopping!

Interesting Experience


We went to play racquetball last night at the recreation center. I handed the worker at the check in counter our membership cards and a tract. He handed the tract back. I said that he could keep it. He said, “sir it’s a business card.” I said, “please keep it, it’s a gospel tract.” He kept it and immediately started reading it.

After our racquetball game I had a chance to talk to him again. He said he read it and agreed with it.

Walking the dog is a good time to share the Gospel


A friend of mine is in the hospital. While she is there, I’ve been walking her dog. At the apartment complex there is a small pond with a sidewalk that goes around it. This makes for just the right length wall for CQ.

While walling CQ yesterday I came across a couple sittin on a bench talking. We chatted for a few minutes. Then I asked “do you like good news first, or bad news?” He said either was fine so I handed them each good news bad news tracts.

As we talked they said they were both believers an told me of their conversions. We had a nice time of fellowship in the Lord.

Expired Sticker


While out for a walk, I noticed a car that had an expired inspection sticker. I wrote a quick note to the owner and left it on the windshield with a Gospel Tract.

You can do this too? How easy would it to be to carry a small pad of paper and a few tracts while you walk around the block. When you see an expired sticker write a note and leave it with a tract.

I mist thank Steve for this idea. This was my first time to try it out.

Can I have a piece of pizza with that?


We were at the mall having lunch. I ordered a piece of pizza. When I paid the at the cash register, I handed the guy a tract.

He was asked, “what’s this?”

So I said, “It’s a Gospel tract. what do you think happens when you die?”


I asked, “how do you know that to be true?”

He said that he believes it. So I shared the Gospel with him while I waited for my pizza. Please pray for Ray.

It was an amazing time at the mall. In less than an hour we talked to a Muslim from India, a guy named Joey who admitted to making up his own religion, a Catholic and another Muslim.

As You Go – on a plane


Tract club member Joseph Davis shared this story with me about handing out tracts on a recent plane flight. I was so encouraged, I just had to share it. Joseph writes:

I went to the Shepherding Conference (John MacArthur’s Grace To You Church in Calif) in early March and on the Dallas to Burbank flight I was able to say to the flight attendant as I got on the plane, “Will BIG MONEY get me good service at the back of the plane?” I then popped out the GIANT $100 bill from LIVINGWATERS.COM and she started laughing. I told her it was hers to keep and then asked if she really needed more money and she said yes and I gave her a Trillion Dollar bill. She died laughing and when a person laughs others always look to see what they are laughing at so I used the opportunity to ask as I walked through first class “Does anyone need any money?” I was able to give out several more Trillion Dollar Bills in First Class. About an hour later she came back to where I was sitting and thanked me for the tracks and asked if I could come up to first class and talk to her about what the tracks said. I said I would be honored. I was able to fly first class for about an hour as I took her through the Scriptures explaining sin, salvation, etc. and I did this using the Law and answering her many questions. She said she was saved but had a lot of sin in her life. She was not going to church, living with a person of the opposite sex, etc. She assured me of her salvation so I lovingly encouraged her to read her Bible, quit living in sin and find a Bible believing church in the area she lived and start serving the Lord. She said she was going to do that. WHAT A JOY IT IS to give out tracks and share Christ with people!

Do you have your own “As You Go” experience that you would like to share with the group. Please post it as a comment, or send me an email so I can post it as a new entry. Thanks, Joseph, for sharing this!

Grocery Store can be FUN!


I have found that going to the grocery store can be a lot of fun even if it is just to pick up an item or two. If I need to get milk or cheese, I’ll put tracts in the six packs of beer and the twelve packs of soda on my way back to that section of the store. Have you noticed on the 12 packs, the vendors has put a little slot right on the top. Some people think that is to carry the twelve pack. Actually, it is designed just to stick a business card tract in there!

On Saturday night it was the night before Easter. My wife needed some powdered sugar to finish up some frosting for the carrot cake she was making. So I drove up to the grocery store. While on the sugar aisle trying to find what I was looking for, a woman came down the aisle who looked kind of depressed. I smiled, handed her a tract and said, “Happy Easter!” She got a big smile on her face, took the tract, said thanks and immediately started reading it. Sometimes just a simple smile or saying hello can make a persons day. Why not also make their eternity by sharing the gift of eternal life with them.

At the check out line, I gave more tracts to each of the people waiting in line as well as the cashier. They all said thanks and started reading the tracts while waiting in line.

Hoppy Easter?


It’s two days before Easter. School is out. So I took my youngest son to the mall for lunch and to take him to the Lego Store. The line to see the Easter bunny wraps around the entire area. No, we were not in the line. Just observing it.  A friend also met us there. He and I were commenting that the Easter bunny has nothing to do with Easter and started joking about the saying “Hoppy Easter!” Of, course, I figured there is probably a tract in that saying someplace. So look for a new tract next Easter. Anyway, it turns out that if you walk up to someone and say “Hoppy Easter” and hand them an Easter tract, they will take it and say thank you. So we handed out a number of them as we were leaving the mall.

I really wanted to share the Gospel with the Easter bunny. My son said he would not do it. And the line was real long. We did the “Hoppy Easter” line to the couple at the end of the line. Turns out he is in missions ministry at DTS. After talking for a few minutes we told him about wanting to share the Gospel with the Easter Bunny. He agreed to do it. So we gave him an extra tract to give to the Easter Bunny!

We joked a little more saying things like “hop on down to the cross and repent!”

As I pondered  this on my way home, I realized that it is not “Hoppy Easter!” but rather “Hoppy Easter?” The question mark asks if it really is about the Easter Bunny. No! Easter is about the ressurrection of the Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the king of kings and Lord of Lords. No one comes ot the Father except through Him!

Happy Easter!

Easter Tract Idea


A friend sent me a message with an idea she tried at Sam’s to distribute Gospel tracts:

Looking for a good place to place Easter tracts at Sam’s, I discovered in the Easter candy display this year there are packs of plastic hollow eggs, filled with gum and hard candies. One pack is a large set of egg-shaped sports balls — another pack is pastel colored flowered eggs.

I discovered that if you turn the packs over, there is a flap and a piece of clear tape holding the box closed, at the center of the flap. The flap is just the right depth to hide an Easter tract which you can slide gently under the piece of tape so it stays in place…

…one way to help people remember WHY they are buying egg-shaped footballs filled with candy!!

Thanks, Nita, for sharing the idea with us!

Day 31 – racquetball bonus


All of my March tract club tracts had already been handed out. So since the month has 31 days, I just used different tracts. My son and I were playing racquetball, so I left a tract in the storage box in the court. See picture below.

I also gave tracts to the guy working the front desk and four others that were playing racquetball.

As we left, I put a tract in the bulletin board.