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On January 1, 2004, Pastor Steve Sanchez made a commitment to personally share the 2013-09-17 13.09.07Gospel everyday. This started a series of BLOG posts which he titled the Everyday Club where he invited other Christians to make a commitment to personal evangelism. (You can read the invitation to join his 2013 club here.) Each person can commit to however much (or little) evangelism that they want to do. This evangelism comes in the form of handing out tracts, one on one conversations, going door to door and even open air preaching. The idea is to follow the Lord’s direction and share the Gospel Everyday!

A couple of years ago, Pastor Steve approach me about partnering together between the Bezeugen Tract Club and the Everyday Club. Since the Bezeugen Tract Club provides 30 FREE Gospel tracts per month, this equips people with the resources to be able to share the Gospel Everyday. The partnership worked out great and provided many mutual referrals. We have received a number of new tract club members due to the partnership. And I presume a number of our tract club members have also joined the accountability of the Everyday Club.

In September 2013, Pastor Steve announced that “Due to the changes in my life, specifically, my move to Texas to plant a church, I will not be moderating The Everyday Club.” While it saddened me to read this news, the Lord gave me an idea that we could pick up this club and run with it. Our ministry has adopted the acronym SPREAD where the E stands for Equip. But, I realized that the E also stands for “Everyday”! So after spending some time in prayer and then verifying the logisitcs, we have decided to move the Everyday Club to the Bezeugen Ministries As You Go BLOG!

What is The Everyday Club?

This is an evangelistic Club where you make a goal to share your faith everyday through tracts, personal witnessing or open air preaching. You make your own personal goal and report on it at the monthly Everyday Club post I write on the first of each month. The minimum goal would be to hand out one tract a day, but you can make whatever goal you want.

The Club’s purpose is to allow you an opportunity to set an evangelistic goal and monitor your progress and faithfulness to that goal. This is not a legalistic prescription or a vow; it’s simply a personal goal. Sometimes you will fall short, other times you’ll hit it.

My own personal goal is to share the Gospel Everyday with someone. Some days this might be to just hand out a single tract or have a brief conversation with someone. Other days this might be to take a group and go door to door, do a college campus outreach or do an outreach at a football game. Regardless, I simply want to be sharing my faith Everyday.

At Bezeugen Ministries we have adopted “As You Go” to mean to simply share the Gospel with people As You Go to the store, to school, to work, or simply As You Go about your day. This “As You Go” BLOG was created to provide simple ways to share the Gospel As You Go.

Today joining the Everyday Club is easier than ever. Simply go to the Everyday Club Facebook group and request membership! Rather than monthly posts seeking comments, the Everyday Club is now a live group of people all across the United States and Canada reporting on their witnessing encounters and encouraging one another. You are welcome to join! If you are not already a member of the Bezeugen Tract Club, we encourage you to enroll so that you’ll get 30 FREE tracts a month from us!

Pastor Steve, we thank you for your commitment to share the Gospel Everyday. We thank you for the encouragement you have provided all of us over the years of running the Everyday Club. We pray that we can carry this on in the spirit of humility that you have layed forth for us!


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  1. Susan Young

    I too purpose in my heart to share the gospel every day and by God’s grace, He has been opening up daily divine appointments here in the Big Apple. One of my favorite ways is through singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs in parks and subways. I feel my guitar with gospel tracts and it opens up many opportunities. This past week while doing an outreach in Washington Square Park, my friend Linda was able to hand one of your gospel cards to Alec Baldwin and encourage him. His brother, Stephen has become a Christian and no doubt has been praying for his whole family. May the Lord continue to pursue Alec with His love. Thank you for your encouragement and may many others join in fulfilling the great commission until our Lord returns.
    God bless you all,

  2. scott

    Amen, Susan! May God bless your efforts there in New York. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Tom Jacobson

    Thank you so much for continuing the club! I will join both the club and the tract club. As you said, “Until He Returns”. May Jesus be lifted up & praised every day!

    Tom in Redlands, CA

  5. scott

    Thanks for checking in, Tom! It is great to connect with those who share their faith everyday! Your blog is encouraging! Scott

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