Day 4: First Thursday Prayer

2015-06-04 12.41.07

Carl Bill

June 4th was the First Thursday of the month. Thus, our monthly prayer meeting at City Hall. I had an awesome surprise. At 10:50 in the morning I got a text from Bill (from North Carolina) saying “I’m here at City Hall”. He was an hour early! While I knew he was in Dallas for the weekend, I did not realize he was coming for prayer. I left work and we were able to meet for lunch. I gave a #YOLO tract to the woman behind the counter making my sandwich at Quiznos. Asked her if she knew what YOLO meant. She looked puzzled by it. I asked her to read the back and she said she would.

Bil and I had a great visit over lunch. Two people were taking a cater to their car. I shared Bible bookmarks with both of them. At noon we headed over to City Hall to pray by the flag poles. Two men were walking buy and I went over to them and said, “Did you get one of these?” The first took one. The second asked, “What is it?” I told him it was a Bible bookmark. At that he simply turned and walked off -without taking one.

We used Hebrews 13, especially verse 8 as the guide for our prayer time. While we were praying for our nation, leaders and revival, a woman who worked in City Hall came and joined us for prayer. Afterwards we had a good conversation with her.

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