Day 11: B-Dubs

Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I gave a number of Celebrate Freedom tracts to employees. When our waiter game we ordered water to drink and he asked if we had any questions. I said, “Yes, do you know what happens after YOLO?” and handed him one of the YOLO tracts from the June mailing of the Bezeugen Tract Club. He said, “do you mean the life after this life?” I said yes and asked if he knew where he was going to spend it. He professed to be a Christian and we talked for a few minutes.

After dinner we went to a gas station to wash the window on my car. Since the buckets of water were all empty, I had to pass by art least five pumps to find one that had some water to wash my window. In the process I put tracts in five pumps, handed one to one man who was pumping gas and had a short conversation with him!