Calling All Who Have Committed To Share The Gospel Everyday!

Hi Everybody, 

August was the last time we  did an Everyday Club report. We are excited to bring it back to the As You Go blog and invite people to comment about their experiences in sharing the gospel at the end of every month. We now have the  Everyday Club Facebook Page   So,  you can interact with the club here and there!  You can set goals on how often you want to share your faith and let us know if you reach those goals at the end of the month. If you are not in the Bezeugen Tract club, click here to receive 30 free gospel tracts every month. To be in the Everyday Club, the minimal requirement is to commit to giving out at least one tract a day. If you have ever commented here before, please let us know how you have been doing in sharing your faith for the last few months. If you are new to the Everyday Club, let us know who you are. Read about how the Everyday Club began here

The next posting will be at the beginning of March! Blessings as you share your faith…. As You Go! 
All For Souls, Scott

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  1. Susan

    For some reason, I am not able to share this on FB. When I clicked on the option to ‘share’ I got a message saying that my ‘access was limited’ and an explanation that I would not be able to share it.

  2. Scott (Post author)

    Is it working now, Susan?

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